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Karmarkar magic from the Konkan coast - studying the great sculptor


My apologies for not turning up more often. Priorities, distractions, excuses, etc...

Recently I treated myself to some wonderful magic on the Arabian Sea coast, namely, at the Sasawane village in Maharashtra's Raigad district (near Alibag). I stayed there for a fortnight, studying the amazing sculptures of the late Vinayak Pandurang Karmarkar (1891 - 1967). He had reached the pinnacle of fame during his career, even though not many will…


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A few basics on drawing and painting


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Project: Fashion for Curvier Women

Project: Fashion for Curvier Women

What you see below is a collaboration between myself and a dear friend. While the art/figure concepts were mine, the fashion part belongs to the friend. The entire series was painted digitally in 3-4 days time, hence the very sketchy, hurried feel to it. I was hard-pressed for time, as I was just about to leave for a 10 day trip (and was in the midst of making preparations for it), while the project also…


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Notes on Acrylic Basics: You may kindly add your notes as well

Notes on Acrylic Basics


Hi!... I was approached by fellow PJ'ers a few times with acrylics related queries, probably under the misconception that I know something worthwhile about this medium. Well I'm as much a learner as anybody else, but having used this medium (on and off) for about a decade now,…


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Horse Drawing Demo

I have to thank Sir G(eorge) for nudging me to do this... but please view at your own risk, for I'm not an horse expert and frequently mix up the fetlock with the pastern. Heck, I didn't even know horses don't have clavicles! But I applied some human figure drawing techniques to lay down the basic shapes on paper, so here is a series of W.I.P shots. Hope some of it makes sense...

Here's what I ended up with... on A3 paper, with Sanguine Conte (and some watercolor for BG).…


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Understanding The Foot

This is an old article I had written for another forum. I thought I'd share it with my fellow PJ's as well


Understanding the foot : Memory studies


I have often felt the need to take an in-depth look at the foot, which has been with me as far as I can remember, yet was always accorded a status inferior to say, the hand. But why? The foot, or feet, take me everywhere! During the three…


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How to erase (dry) pastel from paper?

*** The word pastel implies dry pastels, as different from 'oil pastels', which is not the subject of our discussion.


A more recent work, making use of optical mixing (i.e. laying down hatch marks of assorted colors, so that the interpreted color is an optical mix of the assortment).  Ref image by Lauren…


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