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Chitra Santhe - 2017

Chitra Santhe 2017

Forms are out and selling at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

Date January 15, 2017

Fee: Rs 300/-

Last Date to submit forms with requisite attachments: November 30, 2017

Here are the Rules and Regulations:…


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"Painting, You’re Doing It Wrong"

Came across this blog with some useful information on how we have been doing some things totally wrong, or with wrong methods, information, etc in this article titled - "Painting, You’re Doing It Wrong" by New American Paintings.

Published in May 16,…

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Somebody, an artist or a gallery owner, asked me recently about taxes pertaining to art works, artists and art galleries. And it dawned upon me that its such a fuzzy topic in the minds of people of our community. Although I am not an authority on  tax related matters, I stand in this interesting position of a person who has studied finance and is trying to establish himself as an artist. So here I am, trying to keep…


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How to Recognise Famous Artist's of Yesteryears

Open the link here -  How to Recognise Famous Artist's of Previous Years - to see an amazing way to quickly know who you are dealing with. Its a funny way to categorise and recognise  the famous artists of yesteryears....

Art is fun... so lets have some...


Soman Patnaik

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My Expereince of Chitra Santhe 2013

My experience of Chitra Santhe 2013

Now that Chitra Santhe 2014 is knocking at the door.... this reminds me of last year's Chitra Santhe... It turned out to be one of the most amusing, surprising events that clearly proved one thing. And the story goes this way... its rather long.. but here it is, anyway - 


Chitra Santhe 2013 (CS'13) Forms were out for the once-a-year event, and it was duly…


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WORKOUT and TEST of colour-sensitivity of eyes... a must for colour artists

Good workout for the eyes - All artists, interior designers and cosmetic designers should take this -

Lower the score, better it is.... My score was 7... zero is perfect. Really bad eyes could take your score to thousands!!!

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Article: "About Faces, in Art and in the Brain" by Robert L Solso (2004)

Hi all,

Came across this interesting article on how our brain (an artist's brain, that is) sees and understands a face, and how our brain deciphers the nuances of depiction of a face.

Hope its interesting to you all too...

About Faces, in Art and in the Brain…


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Left - Right... Loose - Tight!!!


Faber Castel Colour pencils on some 350gsm thick paper

Size: Each 10 x 6 inches


Live portraits of fellow jammer and friend - Dhruba Mazumdar.…


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For people who love REALISM...

Check this painter -

Tony Karpinski

Check his website here -…


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STAGES OF PROGRESS_Should I be lazy or naughty today...

Stages from start to finish...from top left side to bottom right hand corner...and the final version.

I started with the outline... and then worked on the tonal values. The drawing was on a 24X30cm 130gsm cartridge sheet. The pencil used was 8B Steadtler. No erasers, no grids, no smudging technique used. Its a free-hand drawing using variation of pressure of pencil on paper to get the different tonal values. The only other tool apart from pencil is a finished pen to get the highlights…


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Came across this nice article "How To Be Creative" - By Jonah Lehrer

How To Be Creative

The image of the 'creative type' is a myth. Jonah Lehrer on why anyone can innovate—and why a hot shower, a cold beer or a trip to your colleague's desk might be the key to your next big idea.

Creativity can seem like magic. We look at people like Steve Jobs and Bob Dylan, and we…


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STEVE MILLS - Photorealist Oil Painter

Here is an artist... who just blew my mind off! Names Steve Miller who makes photo-realistic paintings! His fascination with detail became his calling card. He sold his first drawing at the age of 11 and has been selling ever since. 

His first solo show in 1983 was a smashing success, selling 33 of 35 originals at the Granary Gallery on Martha's Vineyard. In 1989 he began his affiliation with Gallery Hencoh in New York City. Between the 2…


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STALL Nos. Of PJ Members at Chitra Santhe, Sunday Jan 29, 2012

STALL Nos. of PJ Members at Chitra Santhe, Sunday Jan 29, 2012

Anil / Soumitri Jagalur 227

prabha 25

prabal 15

ramesh j (not sure if its ramesh jhawar with mobile number ending with 59904 has stall number 316)

praveen 16

nilesh 857

nisha garg 488

vidhu pillai…


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aPaulogy is Paul Fernandes’ Gallery of Curious Memories - the life and times of Bangalore from the 70s.

aPaulogy is Paul Fernandes’ Gallery of Curious Memories - the life and times of Bangalore from the 70s. Across fifty watercolour prints, walk down memory lane to fondly reminisce a gentle, laid back city...a time when people walked everywhere and you stopped to wish...a place when tongas were summoned for long journeys and riding a cycle minus a kerosene oil lamp was serious crime.…

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Welcome to my Drawings & Paintings Exhibition cum Sale stall @LIONS FUN FAIR this Sunday 11th December 2011

I am participating in the LIONS FUN FAIR organized by Lions Club Whitefield @ Lake View Farm, Whitefield, Bangalore, this Sunday 11th December 2011

If you get time and…


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Exhibition cum Sale of Paintings @ Fabindia, Kormangla on 24 & 25 Sept, 2011

Hi people,

Me and three of my friends are putting up an exhibition cum sale of art works of different types - My framed pencil drawings and water-colour paintings will also be exhibited. Apart from mine, Warli & Madhubani paintings, Abstract & concept based posters and photographs will also be exhibited under…


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