"Invisible Shackles..."
Graphite and Coloured Waterproof Ink on paper

Ever felt so guilty, like being naked, while still clad in layers and layers of your favourite suit... Ever felt the entire world bursting into flames while its freezing cold outside... Ever woke up after a deep sleep with your head heavy like a log, to see the sun near the horizon and wondering if the sun is rising or setting...

Sometimes, you have waited for ages and wanted something so bad all your life only to have been left with a bad taste or, a taste not good enough... and sometimes, you only had to touch the tip of the invisible iceberg to finally see and feel its perfect balance and existence, the one which you have always denied....

Life is so much about discovery and finding oneself - sometimes knowing you are not the one, people think you are.... sometimes living in a frame people have learnt to accept more than what you are...

Ever wondered how the world would be, if you could only break the shackles... that have held you from within...?


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