A water stream flowing... (from Kodaikanal trip)
Watercolour on 250gsm Arches
Size: Quarter imperial

They say, ‘Water is Life’… but that’s just looking at it in a material way, like a resource…
The way I see it - LIFE is so identical to the natural streams that you find in the midst of nature, in jungles… and if left in its natural state - IT JUST HAS TO FLOW… and flow till it meets something larger… something like a greater cause, only then, does it seem complete.
Along the way, it mirrors so many reflections of all things overhanging, nothing its own. And within it - it seems to be controlled by the small obstacles that crop up unexpectedly, in all shapes … But all of these – overhanging and within - they really can't hold it for long… it might slow down, but nothing stops it, nothing should! When it does seem to slow down... it keeps trying… and you’ll see it bursting out or, flowing into small trickles … but still moving on - undaunted by large hindrances and small openings; a narrow gauges and heavy boulders on its way… it just moves on… because it has to…
Because the moment it halts… it becomes stagnant and unfit for life… so, NEVER STOP… MOVE ON… CARRY ON… ‘cause everything else is just a reflection, nothing is yours really…

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