Fabriano Black Pastel Paper 12 x 9"
Mungyo Gallery Artist Soft Pastel

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Albums: Dry Media
Location: Bangalore


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Comment by Mridula Menon on March 8, 2014 at 8:27pm

Hello Prosenjit, I am humbled by the fact that you stopped by to drop in your much valued critique on such an amateur drawing of mine. This is my first attempt to draw a horse and I did it without understanding its anatomy. Also lot of errors in light and shadow. I kind of forced myself to step out of my comfort zone in this one. You have been very kind with your words but I know its a very amateurish painting. Want to get better in this subject I.e, humans and horses. At pencil jammers noone stops by to comment on drawings done by amateur s they have time only for the skilled and experienced. However in wet canvas or art tutor kind of sites art enthusiasts across the world drop by and put in a comment. Sometimes they even share much valuable tips as well just as you do. So I have decided to delete my account in PJ very soon as it is of no interest to me. I do get to see lot of amazing artworks but that I can see even on google or pinterest :)

Comment by Prosenjit Roy on March 8, 2014 at 2:27pm

Lots of skillful application of pastel in that limited space. Esp like how the trees are brightly standing out in a relatively murky light scheme... wonder if this is a UK scene :)

Now... (babble alert!) this is completely unrelated to your beautiful painting, at least not directly related: Since drawing is the skeleton of a painting (esp those with 'real life' objects), the more comprehensive it is, the more efficient the painting appears. A painting involving a horse AND a human being is a very challenging subject, since both are incredibly complex 'objects'. I think (humbly) you did quite well on the human part, and most of the horse part as well... still, it'd have helped even more to do a few preliminary large studies of the horse's anatomy, esp the skeleton of the back leg, foot, hooves region, and how these would look just prior to leaving the ground during a leap.



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