Today WDC met at NGMA, one of the favourite places for a jam.  The atmosphere and the vibes in the place has to be felt, in person.  It was a pretty unusual jam, it started out with a good turnout of members, some of the new ones and some very old, and not so regular now.  WDC had occupied a part of  the cafe and garden area, when a little rain forced those in the main garden area into the cafe, with their unfinished drawings and paintings.  Those who were interested checked out 'The Last Harvest' an exhibition of Rabindranath Tagore's paintings.  As usual all of us enjoyed.

Prashant's fave paints in NGMA

Charu and family were a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

And finally, - Heavy discussions on art.

An impromptu jammin' session in NGMA, after most of the jammers had left, with some old favorites.  Shariq, Kehaan, Aatif, Prabal and Soman .

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Thanks Nandita for sharing...:-)

Wonderful clicks from what looks like a great day of sketching! 

WoW! Really nice shots.... It was certainly one real good jam after a long long time.... and it was so good to see almost all of the old group... so much fun it was! Although, still some of the old gang (Kamal, Vidhu, Prabha Narayanan, Himanshu Jain, Donna, Babu and Parani) were missed. 

And yes! NGMA is an amazing place for jamming... nicely quiet, very green, water, nice old trees, birds chirping, old architecture building et al. And the food at the NGMA canteen is also yumm!!! Ask Prabal! He acted in sucha way that George had to finally offer him from his plate too... 

And had many new faces to see and interact too... so nice to see the group (penciljammers) growing in leaps and bounds... and the fresh blood brings so much enthusiasm... By the end, it was super fun to be a mesmerised audience to the little gig that happened at the end... I sometimes wonder, do I love music more than art!!!

People - an announcement to make.... if you want to see some serious crazy artwork in those seemingly normal looking note books/pads - check out Amit's,  Dhruba's and Prabal's sketch books. A whole lot of art repository in term sof craetivity, mastery and experimental stuff there!

And then we have those amazing impromptu knowledge sessions by Smitha, George and Dinesh - always something to learn there... while, if you really want to be blown away by humour of the other kind... come to us, Anil jee and yours truly!

All in all, an amazing coming back of sorts  - I keep saying that each time I join the pack after a longish break! And why not... these jams infuse so much energy and appetite for drawing to last for a lifetime! 

And yes! Thank you Nandita for the lovely pics....


Thanks Nandita for sharing this pics.yes it was a wonderful jamming session after i went on hibernation .............quite refreshing n inspiring.Wish i can join more :)

A lovely day at the NGMA, and these pics do justice to that. It was good to see the place literally invaded by Pjammers. New comers, old regulars, and many curious onlookers. Good to see Dhruba, Charu and Soman jamming after a long time. The musicians among us rocked the place with some easy guitaring. And the food at the cafe was piping hot, fresh n delicious, as usual. NGMA holds up its reputation as a favorite haunt for jammers. Thanks for clicking and sharing, Nandita!  :)

Ah lovely narration of the day finishing with a jamming of another kind. For me the best scene was, when I entered NGMA, and started looking for other jammers, and noticed many of them in the front green cover like a sena and sketching away. Wishing I had clicked that!

The Sunday at NGMA seems to have been a very successful P.Jam session. What with sketching , discussions and to end it with music !!!!

Lovely photographs !

Thanks everyone for your comments - a great time was had by all as the pictures show. 

@ Ramya I saw the PJ'ers when I entered too, and went to greet them, but I was already sure where I was going to sit, so I hurried away.  I only took out the camera when Aatif reminded me.

@ Soman - Hope to see you more often at jams.

@ Charu and Mohan Kumar thanx for the faves, good to meet you finally , Charu.

@ Shariq, Kehaan and Aatif ++   - when you guys decide on a name for your group and finally become famous, we can say 'we was there!'

I guess someone else will have to take on the mantle of photographer - the next couple of weeks.

same here was nice to meet u

O!h such wonderful photos!! I felt I was there!!! why oh why do i have to be hyderabad now!!! I want to see the paintings too!!




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