One of the MOST INCREDIBLE jams ever. The trip to Nandi Hills, and the Yoga Nandeeshwara & Bhoga Nandeeshwara temples. Everyone had a really enjoyable time, with promises to return there soon, esp to soak in the sublime aura of the second temple, and actually do some sketching there :))

Do feel free to use any of these images as reference for sketches and paintings.

Thanks to Smitha, George and Penciljam for organizing this trip excellently. And welcome to all the new jammers who turned up in large numbers to make this trip one of the most memorable of all jams :D Cheers and see you all next Sunday!

Talk about it being a windy day :P

Anil finds a lone wandering deer.

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Wo, these are delightful shots, Ramya! Love those old houses in particular. Phone cameras rock! :))

Thanks Din, the houses we saw when we wandered off during lunch at Nandi Hills.

Lovely photographs Ramya. Looks like all of you had a gala time. Beautiful temple, pond etc!!

Waiting to see the sketches !!

Ramya...these are wonderful photographs! May I use some of them as reference to sketch/paint from?

Sure Balaji, I forgot to write that while posting them. Please use them as reference. Would love to see how you transform them!

wow! the jam looks amazing! such joy to see so many people scattered about sketching away :)

lovely experience :D

was my first jam and the most memorable experience :)

all u jammers are awesome :D

Don't forget: you, too, are a jammer, Sudarshan! Great meeting you and hope to see you do your thing in future jams :)

sureee :D

Sad I missed it :(



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