Ramya has given the gist of what took place on 30th June,Sunday, at IISc , a venerable old institute.  Here are some pics that I had taken, some may be duplicates.

Anil with Pooja and her friend

Serious sketchers all !

Aslan - who decided to keep us company and a well-known and favourite character on the campus.

Smitha on her best behaviour

Dinesh with Amritha who has clicked a whole lot of photos of the jammers, and we hope to see a link to her blogspot on this website on Friday.

Manoj with his sketch

Ramya- this was a very nice effect of the light filtering thro' the branches of the trees as you walked up the path - like a veil

.Aatif and Shariq sketching quietly

The red pillar post box

The striking flowers of the floss-silk tree, two flowering specimens are in front of the main building.  The main trunk looks like a silk cotton tree and the main branches have large thorns on them.

Sridhar makes a rare appearance at a jam accompanied  by his personal photographer seen here with Sudarshan our botany expert

Seeing the main building of IISc gives you a feeling of awe, one has only seen it in thumbnails,earlier.

It was a very good jam last Sunday, a lot of new faces were present and the atmosphere of the place was very conducive to drawing.  Old buildings, alot of tree lined avenues, and a wide variety of old trees -  I hope we can make it there sometime.  It is such a vast campus and what we saw was just a bit of the old area.

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Lovely pics Nandita! You have got everybody and the whole feel of the place.

Thanks Ramya

Cool pics, Nandita. Ok, now this inspires me to post my own pics. Thanks for sharing memories of this lovely tree-shaded jam!

Thanks Dinesh, would like to see your pics too, and your sketches of Aslan.

Internal documentation. Thank you Nandita.




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