There was a lot of excitement and anticipation in the jammers while heading towards the big Banyan tree, and after picking up everyone in a mini van, we headed towards Mysore road and addressed the important issue of sustenance.  After reaching the tree we were met by Aditya and Sony who were busy with their paints.  Dayal and Vasanti joined us later after finding their way, individually.

   The atmosphere of the place affected everyone and everyone headed off to check out the place and find inspiration.  So, not withstanding the constant crowd walking in to the temple, and the troupe of monkeys checking us out, and troubling us, we settled down to sketching and painting.


Waiting for the minivan on M.G. Road, and discussing the architecture/design of the Jewel de Paragon building.

Watercolor artist Nirupam set up his easel and proceeded to paint.

Sony and Dinesh collabrating on  cartoons depicting Sartajs' name.  Watch out for them -  this is a wicked collabration.

The way the tree roots came down gave the effect of walking into a room with columns.

Sartaj checking out Din's cartoon of him.

Comments and appreciation for everyone's artwork.

Discussions after the session at the Banyan tree.

   We had heard about this lake that was a few kilometers away, so checked it out.

People thought someone was conducting an art class - or some film shooting was going on and they were missing out on the action.

Addy modelling his new shirt.

Sony and Dinesh

A last view of the lake from the road!

A relaxed and productive day was had by all.

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Beautiful clicks!! Looks like a terrific place for sketching. good to see so many sketchers in action! 

Beautiful photos!

A lovely report and lovelier pics, Nandita! Long-distance jams, like this, certainly need professional photo-documentation such as these. Brought back good memories of a laid-back and very productive jam, The unplanned trip to the Manchinabele dam area was an added bonus. Lunch and tea at the local eateries provided an authentic local flavour. Altogether, a great jam. We really should get out of Bangalore more often... perhaps, once a month at least..??  :o) 

Thank you for the lovely set of photographs. I enjoyed viewing them and reading your report. It was also very nice to see the excellent turnout that you have had.

Lovely pics Nandita... missed this one... but your shots gave an idea of how beautiful this trip was... great narration too... it was like talking and listening along with a visual projection of the event. Thanks for putting this up.





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