What a full filling day today! 

It was energizing to walk around the big and beautiful temple. Looks like we can draw 365 days!

There is a pleasant mandapam inside the temple with lovely view points. We had nice time sketching various subjects. Lot of activities around the temple with flower shops, etc. Couple of us sketched out side the temple. We all gathered near mandapam in front of the temple by 11:00 and spoke about gesture drawing. Also had nice review session of our drawings.

Our new member today was Ganapathy's mother. She did a quick and clean sketch and proved the source of GS art journey!

Kalpana's water color work was very impressive. 

Nithya, Anbu and Amiltha made plenty of quick and pretty sketches. 

Sangeetha made lovely decorated door.

Balaji's pen work impressed us very much.

Ganapathy's Gopuram made us wow!

I did two line drawings today. Wanted to make 5 to practice gesture. It was challenging to limit myself away from the details. 

It was interesting that one boy joined us after watching us for some time. His temple attempts were amazing for his age. I forget to click him and his work. It is in my mind to continue inspire me..

Ganapathy's Mother

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GS...I cannot see why you are not thrilled with this sketch. I would be. I think it is beautiful!

The temple itself, in your sketch is, very nicely proportioned. And, the human figures scaled so well to indicate proximity or other wise to the viewer, and foliage ahead of and behind the temple, all create a very good sense of the scale of the imposing structure.

I absolutely loved this sketch when I saw it there, before you added this foliage even. I think the gopuram has been handles so well. I have tried gopurams many many times and botched it up so badly!

Murali, Balaji, Kalpana, Thank you all for your comments.

I can only say ''Wow" GS :)

I really enjoyed the day and as Murali says, Mylapore seems to have an unending supply of sketchworthy material! Murali, the photos are simply great!  This trip I never went into the temple. Instead I settled down on the front step of a house on a very narrow lane immediately next to the temple wall. This first sketch took approximately an hour. 

After that I did a few quick pencil sketches of human figures as they passed by trying to practice GS's gesture studies.

Kalpana....I absolutely love your ink and watercolour sketch. You are getting to be better and better at it.

And so it is with your gesture sketches.  The ones that you have posted are very nice, considering the amount of time that you spent on each. Although sketching the man with the drum was an achievement in itself, since he was on the move and merely passing through, I like your sketch of the man facing away best in this lot.

I also saw a couple of other very nice sketches that you did on Sunday, which you have not posted here. Why is that? I thought they were very good, especially the profile of one of our group.

Nice bunch of sketches! The people sketches are quite good.

Kalpana fantastic work. You have not put up your quick sketch of Mr. Rajamanar . That is really good !! :)

 That is really good ??? Sorry , I meant that sketching is really good :)

Thank you Prabha, GS and my wonderful parents! I had a little trouble  trying to left align and right align the pictures here so I put up the sketch of Mr Rajamaran  in my main artwork album/ exhibit page.

All the sketches of the Mylapore outing  by all members of the group are very interesting.

Murali- your pictures are very good.

The super colourful one of some procession mount with several arms, a veena reclining across etc.. is fascinating.

I would surely make a mess of it if I tried to paint it!

Thank you all for your very encouraging comments on my five rapid drawings.

I am afraid that is all I am good at!

Need to develop some shading and finishing skills from some of the experts in our group.

Please lets have some more sessions on the gesture drawings from GS- which many people missed and we know he has prepared some more sessions?

 Murali , lovely photographs !!



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