What a full filling day today! 

It was energizing to walk around the big and beautiful temple. Looks like we can draw 365 days!

There is a pleasant mandapam inside the temple with lovely view points. We had nice time sketching various subjects. Lot of activities around the temple with flower shops, etc. Couple of us sketched out side the temple. We all gathered near mandapam in front of the temple by 11:00 and spoke about gesture drawing. Also had nice review session of our drawings.

Our new member today was Ganapathy's mother. She did a quick and clean sketch and proved the source of GS art journey!

Kalpana's water color work was very impressive. 

Nithya, Anbu and Amiltha made plenty of quick and pretty sketches. 

Sangeetha made lovely decorated door.

Balaji's pen work impressed us very much.

Ganapathy's Gopuram made us wow!

I did two line drawings today. Wanted to make 5 to practice gesture. It was challenging to limit myself away from the details. 

It was interesting that one boy joined us after watching us for some time. His temple attempts were amazing for his age. I forget to click him and his work. It is in my mind to continue inspire me..

Ganapathy's Mother

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My sketches today.

Used textured colors sheets, A4. Added white pastels at home.

Murali...They were both already very lovely when you showed them to us this morning. With your addition of white pastels the first one is even lovelier now.

Thanks Balaji. I picked the dark sheet with white pastel for high light in mind. 

wow! They both look great! the white pastels and the thickening of the pen line on the back edge of the gopuram really makes the 3d elements pop Out. I love the use of the coloured paper.

Beautiful !!

Yes Murali, this was a very productive morning.

The venue was wonderful with so much of variety - as will be evident if everyone posts their work into this thread. There were many of us compared to last week when only GS, Kannan, and I were there at Cholamandal. The talk after the sketching session was very instructive, and the sharing of experiences and looking at everyone's sketches was very stimulating.

Your photographs, as always, are wonderful and make me feel that I must have been going around the place with my eyes closed.

I completed one full sketch today...for a change it was a charcoal sketch, and had just started on an ink sketch. I am posting both, but I am not sure whether I will go on and complete the ink sketch. In the charcoal sketch I have added the tree after coming home.

While drawing this house I had the pleasant experience of each member of the house - the elederly father, the daughter-in-law, the grand-daughter, and the son coming and checking out my drawing at various stages and indicating their approval. Towards the end I was asked if I could send them a copy. I am planning to go over and give one to them some time this week.

Connection with public is something great. You made a family very happy today. 

Your pen works inspire us every week!

I finally delivered a copy of my sketch yesterday (1st Jan 2013) to the people who live in the house that I had sketched. I received a very warm welcome and came away feeling really good about the whole thing - sketching the house, accidentally meeting all the family members while sketching, being asked for a copy of the sketch, etc.

One of them suggested that our group should come and sketch the Mylapore Festival events. This year the festival runs from 10th Jan 2013 to 13th Jan 2013. So how about it?

Balaji..Thats wonderful! So nice to hear this. 

The Mylapore Festival...! Yes indeed that would be fun to sketch!

Great idea balaji- I always attend the Mylapore fest- kolam competition which happens on the North mada street. lets go after checking the program with either Sundaram Finance/mylapore Times who are the sponsors.

Great Charcoal sketch! Love the framing and yes, I thinkt he final decision to reduce what comes in the frame has worked out very well. Hope you get to complete the second one as it is looking very promising (I realise I need to send you that ref. picture today!)

 That temple structure next to the scooter is beautifully done Balaji !




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