Drum beats welcomed us at Dhakshina Chitra this time!
Urumulu folk artists performed wonderful dance show. We attempted some quick sketches and attempted to talk to them about their folk art form without knowing Telugu! Some how Nithya always could communicate with them well :-)

Karmuhilan joined us for the first time. We are excited to see his collection. He shared us his solo show experience at Dakshina Chitra.

Then we (Karmugilan, Balaji, Nithiya, Ganapathy, Amiltha and Muralidharan) headed towards our area of interest and started sketching. There are too many authentic model houses in the style of Tamilnadu, Andra, Kerala and Karnataka. We can get around and draw what ever we like. Some of us choose Shiva & Parvathi statue. It was fun filled meeting.

Amiltha clicked some fine pics this time too. She said she is more interested in exploring the place and clicking than drawing this time.

Please share related photos and art works in this thread...

We shall meet after Pongal celebrations on 20th Jan again at some place.

Happy Pongal wishes to all!

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My attempts this week:

Very nice sketches Murali. Your shading is superb and makes what is already a very good drawing into something even better. This is true of the portrait and even more so of your sketch of Siva & Parvathy.

Great clicks ! Amiltha has mastered the art of candid photography too! capturing people in their natural state without them being aware of it! Good to see Karmihulan join us.

Looking forward to seeing the sketches.

Looks like you all had a great time as always! Look forward to the 20th too.

Very nice pictures, and great studies of the Chennai PJ'ers!

Enjoyed the outing and found very colourful subjects to sketch.

Managed four sketches this time.

You are the fastest and good gesture artist Nithya. Love the first one very much!!! (Every time I capture a photo of this subject for drawing. But yet to draw.)

Wonderful sketches Nithya! I am very glad to see you sketching often and so enthusiastically. While all of them are very nice I like your sketch of the bamboo clump best, for the way you have drawn it, and for its composition. I also like your sketch of the Artists' Stall for the ease and speed with which you have captured a complex scene.

Amiltha is proving to be chip off the old block. Not only are her photographs good, but she is also catching us all unawares. I therefore decided to pay her back in her own coin.

It was good to meet up with and to welcome Karmuhilan into our sketching group. I hope we will get to see a lot of his work. For a change I tired soon (my back started stiffening) and I actually had to drag Nithya away while she was still very keen on continuing to sketch at Dakshina Chitra. Perhaps the fact that she had such a shady and comfortable seat made her prolong her sketching session.

I managed to do two quick pen and ink sketches of the Urumu drummers and then the basic drawing of my main sketch for the weekend. As I mentioned earlier I broke off sooner than usual and completed the sketch only today at home. Meanwhile, I also did a colour sketch of an Urumu drummer. this was meant to be a watercolour sketch but I painted it very clumsily and then tried to salvage it with ink outlines.




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