Rajamaran joined us today. He is a digital caricature Artists. He has worked in Indian express. Check his site: http://www.caricatureindia.com/

We (Balaji, Ganapathi, Prabha, Rajamaran and me) joined other regular artists of Artist village (Shailesh, Jayaraj, Sheela, Senthil and more) and did still life sketch. It was a wonderful learning experience seeing various styles and mediums.

At the end we visited studio of Senthil and excited to see his various collection of art works.

Please post related art works in this thread in addition to posting in the main page. Thanks.

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i have missed this venue both times.....hope to make the next time atleast!! nice pictures!!!

When you miss a Pencil Jam at Cholamandal you are really missing something. Not only is it a nice venue for sketching in itself, you also miss the opportunity to sketch along with some of the artists at Cholamandal.

My attempt this time:

Awesome!  One can feel the density of the cloth by the manner in which it has folded!

Murali...your still life is very good. You have made both pieces of cloth look really good in your drawing, and of course all the other elements of the still life too.

Was a great day! Lots of little kids providing an atmosphere that was totally alive!

More artists for the still life study, made it hard to pretend to be one among them :)

A couple of thumbnails to loosen up..

Then this still life study that never seemed to end.... A3.. and hence not a scan...

Very nice sketches GS. The first one is my favourite out of this lot. I also think you have done a fantastic job of shading on the vase (the picture that you have posted does not do justice to your actual drawing) and the translucent plate.

Thanks Priya S! I remembered your tree tunks and did some root study this time. Will share shortly. 

Thanks Priya M! See you next time!

You are one among them GS! Excellent A3 idea and work!

As you said, this time we learnt that we need to be bold to apply bold tone :-)

I had the pleasure of watching Rajamaran do a caricature of Sailesh's daughter. It was terrific to see the drawing come to life so quickly and with such apparent ease. We also met Francis Ravindran who had come to sketch along with the Cholamandal artists. I noticed that he has now joine Pencil Jammers and will hopefully be with us every Sunday for our Pencil Jams. The bus loads of children and the other tourists who turned up yesterday added an extra dimension to our outing. I quite liked the buzz of their energy around us.

As in previous weeks I spent about an hour on one drawing to establish the form on which I shall be working some more at home before I call it finished. I first did a very sketchy pencil outline and then used a 0.05 Staedtler Pigment Liner. I propose to use a combination of lines and stippling for this one.

My second drawing is a 30 minute attempt at the still life using a 2.0 Sakura calligraphy sketch pen and no pencil pre-drawing or eraser.

I am posting my drawing of N.D. Rajasekharan's lovely sculpture "Dream of the Black Sun". Over the last couple of days I have worked on it to increase the value range and for now I am calling this one finished. But it is very likely that I may go back into it after some time and try and darken it some more.




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