It was still life fun at Cholamandal Artists Village on 23-Oct-12.

Shailesh briefed about compose and connection between subjects in a frame. Nice subjects and we attempted for the shapes and tones with our favorite mediums. We are looking forward to attempt the still life again and again and go beyond obvious lines and shapes ;-).

Learned clear vision and drawing plan from Balaji.

Bold and beautiful attempt from GS was admirable.

New view points and photography from Amiltha Muralidharan was cool!

Kindly share related photos and art works here in this thread. Thanks.

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Murali...Thank you for the nice report and the lovely photographs. Which are the ones taken by Amiltha?

Yes, it was yet another enjoyable weekend session. I did not have the heart to leave Cholamandal while you guys were still busy exchanging thoughts. My broadband connection is not working at home and I am therefore unable to post my work. I shall post my still life into this thread once the connection is up again. But meanwhile I can post comments, as I am doing now, from my office.

Incidentally Murali, you need to correct the month on the title of this thread to December. :)

Balaji, All the posted photos except the old lady sketching are clicked by Amiltha. We can observe the height of the view points in these photos. I was over whelmed to see these photos clicked by Amitha at home!


They are very well taken.  I had thought that only one or two were taken by her. Good to see that she is already so comfortable using a camera.

At last...the broadband connection at home is working again after being down for a week. I have always wanted to improve the way I draw the folds in clothing. Therefore, on the previous occasion when we visited Cholamandal and did a still life, I had decided to concentrate on that aspect of still life drawing for the next few weeks. Here is my sketch of last Sunday's still life arrangement, drawn with a 9B graphite stick on newsprint.




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