It was still life fun at Cholamandal Artists Village on 23-Oct-12.

Shailesh briefed about compose and connection between subjects in a frame. Nice subjects and we attempted for the shapes and tones with our favorite mediums. We are looking forward to attempt the still life again and again and go beyond obvious lines and shapes ;-).

Learned clear vision and drawing plan from Balaji.

Bold and beautiful attempt from GS was admirable.

New view points and photography from Amiltha Muralidharan was cool!

Kindly share related photos and art works here in this thread. Thanks.

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I was in a confusion this time. Either to draw what I wanted or draw full with proper proportions and compose as suggested by Nithya. I drew full. Cropped it here to show what I liked ;-)

Very nice... I like the bottle form and the drapery especially. Wonder if there shouldv'e been some denser shadows at the foot/right side of the disc?

Yes Pro. There was a denser shadow at the right side of the disc which I missed. It could have made the disc pop-out. 

Good One Murali! I liked both the full version and the cropped details.very elegant definition of forms!

Very nice!

Though I liked the full version a lot, I think this cropped version is even better because I found the amount of page space taken up by the brickwork background to be excessive in relation to the still life itself. I think you have done every part of the still life extremely well.

Very nice Murali :)

Hugely inspiring! Way to go... Murali and the others! :)

:-) Thank you Prosenjit. You words encourage us very much!

Thanks for the updates, and Good clicks by Amiltha!

Btw, We had three new members.. Deepa and her friend, and Kavitha, apart from the regular gang!

My attempt at the still life arrangement. wanted to try a more closeup frame.. 

GS...I like the side view of the coconut shell and the wooden icon best in your still life. I wish you had shown a bit of the white paper around your sketch while cropping it, because that would more clearly indicate the way you had framed it in your sketch.

 Looks like u all enjoyed the ''Sunday'' .  GS , the wooden figure on the right side is very nice with a 3d effect. !




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