We are very much filled with the good experience at Central Station, Chennai today!

100s and 1000s of sketching opportunities. Nice shade and chairs. Saravanabhavan, juice stalls, ice cream shops. It is GOOD that we visited this place today.

Suka joined us for the first time today. Very happy to meet him and understand his passion.

GS, Suka and me tried couple of spots for sketching today. We had a good discussion about sketching approach and tonal values. 

We could not continue sketching for a long time today. We had to force our-self to leave the location early because of personal works. 

We should be revisiting this place many more times... 

Station looked very fresh with new coat of painting:

Ganapathy and Suka in discussion:

(like to share this even though it is not of good quality. Adjust pannungo/maadi.. ;-))

I did not took my SLR since photography is prohibited in Railway Stations. Read this interesting article. Hope there is no such rule for sketching in Railway Station!

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Couple of my attempts:

Very nice sketches Murali! Love the clean lines. the perspective and the poses!

Thanks GS!

Was a good experience indeed. Loved the possibilities and variety ! Must comeback again!

Sketches that I managed today..

Inspiring works GS! I am learning lot from you. Love all those dynamic lines!

Sorry to have missed this one. Chennai Central looks clean and very sanitized in your sketches...more so in Murali's. I am sure it must have been quite difficult to find a quiet place to sit and sketch.

I too am very sorry to have missed it at the last moment. And also sorry that I was left without a computer and no way of letting you all know that I wouldn't be coming. Looks like a fantastic place to sketch and the sketches look great! Any luck with that first floor restaurant? Hope we go there again soon!

It was my first outing with pencil jammers and also the first time trying to sketch live... It was really interesting... Great tips from Ganapathy and Murali on how to leave out "minor details" in these kind of sketches.. and on how to modify / position what we see to make a better composition... Looking forward to more such outdoor events..


PS: Ganapathy and Murali, I did buy a A4 sketchpad on my way back, it is indeed much easier to carry :-)

@Balaji, the timing was interesting, and meant less crowd, be it in the parking lot, as well as in the waiting area. If you haven't been to Central in a while, it is indeed a lot cleaner and sanitized than it was years ago.

@Kalpana, we did not venture upstairs but could see people and kids moving around, so we should have access I think. yes we should do this again.

@Suka, happy to see you sketch on location. its indeed so different to sketch on location. and I am glad you enjoyed it. Yes..A4 is much manageable.

We missed you Balaji, Kalpana this time.

Happy to meet Suka.



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