We returned to Cholamandal after a month's break. New Year and Festival weekends meant we had to skip a few. Today was yet another day of fun. 

Francis, Soutick(New member), Murali and myself(GS) were out there under the banyan tree. Did miss few of our regular members.

We decided to try something different. Each of us took turns and posed as a model. We did a round of portraits and a round of gestures. Never had the experience of posing before and the few minutes appeared like it was forever!

I could notice the different manner in which each person did the hand and eye coordination. One would constantly keep moving the head from the paper to the model. one would just move only the eye, keeping the head perfectly still, and yet another would rarely look at the model :)

Here is a  a click from the session. Hope others can add more pictures. Will upload the sketches soon..

A proud Murali showing his work, an uneasy Francis looking at his portrait :)

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Portrait studies.. (8 min each)

Gesture ( 3 min each)

I am very much inspired by your figure gestures GS!. Thank you!!!

GS...The portrait sketches are excellent and I am amazed at what you have managed in just 8 minutes each. The portraits of Murali and Francis are very recognisable and I am sure you must have captured Soutick's likeness quite well too.

 Could recognise Murali, of course the other two I have not met . Looks like you all had a good time .

This week meet was very interesting. Fun and event full...

GS was holding the cell phone for some time even after the call was over. What a dedication ;-)

Couple of quick sketches. I am looking to improve my spontaneous free hand sketching in the days to come.. Gesture drawing hints of GS helps a lot.

Very nice ones Murali, both the portraits as well as the gesture sketches.

Very nice gesture drawings and portraits Murali ! The 3rd one is GS right ? There is a resemblance of Madurai Mani Iyer who was a famous carnatic singer !

GS...Your caption for the photograph is wonderful. I can see that you must have all had a very good time and I am disappointed that I could not be there.

Good ones Murali! I know you stayed focused on the portraits and it tells!

Thanks Balaji for your comments! and yes it was fun filled session :) but missed you badly!




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