I did not attend the previous Pencil Jam at the Chennai Museum Complex since I was not yet a member then. But I read Murali's report and felt that I had missed a good sketching opportunity. Today, the location certainly lived up to my expectations. We had buildings with interesting form and details, lovely sculpture and artefacts, beautiful trees, and also a crowd of people for those interested in sketching people in action.

Although only five had confirmed we were pleasantly surprised to find that eight Pencil Jammers had turned up at the venue: Murali, Ganapathy Subramaniam (GS), Nithya, Kalpana, Rajamaran, Francis, Karmuhilan, and I (Balaji). Initially we started sketching at different locations but after a while we all met at a courtyard which had a number of wonderful stone sculptures.

But there was one problem. Many of us were bitten by giant mosquitoes and perhaps that was the reason why the sketching was not as productive as it usually is. However, the interaction between members after the sketching was long, animated and very interesting and made up for the shortened sketching session.

Our official photographer was absent today having opted to play at home. I am refering to Amiltha, Murali's daughter who has been catching all of us unawares for these reports. In her absence it fell to me to try and capture the flavour of the occasion. As you can see from these photographs I was all thumbs.

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Balaji, Thanks for the nice summary. was indeed quite a simulating session, amidst the ancient sculptures.

Here is my output from the session..

I posted it earlier here in the main forum.

This is very nice GS. The forms have excellent definition and your shading makes them stand out nicely in relief. And the whole picture conveys the aged and weathered look of the original sculpture.

Nice report Balaji. Thump framed pics are unique and natural!

Official photographer said she will not miss the next meet.

My attempts this week:



Lovely sketches Murali. Your linework and shading are so very good. And the proportions of these figures are spot on. It is a pleasure to look at your work.

These are my Sunday Pencil Jam sketches. I had planned to do two quick ones first and then settle down to a detailed one. But then this week I never got started on my detailed sketch.

Last week I bought a book "Queen of the Coromandel" at Book fair which has 100s of illustrations by CLD Gupta.

They are very much like your pen and ink work. Now looking at your work I remember the book.

Love the Pillayar work. It appears like hallow glass statue half filled with water (till half the stomach)!

Hi Everyone...  

Here s some of my sketches...



Thats an interesting statue done very well with expression!

Admire your observation about the leaf. Very nice work.

Karmuhilan...I am so glad you sketched the gargoyle, and sketched it so well too. If I had done one more sketch on Sunday it would have been of this subject. But, while you have chosen to concentrate on the figurehead, I wanted to do the whole piece, showing the structure behind the head. Perhaps I will do it next time.

In both the gargoyle and leaf sketch I admire your strong bold lines and the wide value band that you develop by making your dark areas really dark..

I did two sketches both in the courtyard- one of a solid Nandi stone scultpture. Then one of the fellow artists concentrating on his  drawing.

I am very sorry for posting these so late. no excuses.

Better late than never....




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