It's great fun to mish mash an animal using Gimp or Photoshop, y'know cutting off a trunk and pasting it on some poor animal's bum and so on, But have you tried actually drawing one? Drawing is an entirely different ball game, but can be barrels of fun.

So today's assignment is find a bunch of animals, mix them all up and make an animal mish-mash!

Happy Drawing!

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all mixed-up...

I love the donkey kong one!

dinesh francis said:
all mixed-up...

allanah, haha LOVE your versions! the flamincat’s expression is priceless, as if he stole the milk, (caught!) but is unable to fly away! the giraow’s too sweet, and the ratale scary! now there’s a new biggest (and possibly the scariest) mammal on earth!! O_0
Hey dinesh! u r a genius o wot? :) ossum!

dinesh francis said:
all mixed-up...


Species: Pencillia Panthera Gorilla

Large canine teeth with characteristic silver mane. Social animal. Hunts in packs. Peels prey before eating. Does not like Tarzan but has a soft corner for pretty little ladies lost in the forest.

rashmi, thanks. haha, just your regular everyday kind ;o)

syed, this one looks majestic! king of the apes+king of the jungle... what else do u expect.
why the carrot in front... is he a vegan? or is that vegon??




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