We draw to twins today, because its fun to think in doubles. Here are few lovely works to be inspired by 

The submissions for the challenges can be a drawing, painting, sketch done using traditional or digital mediums.

All image credits belong to original up-loaders. Please click on image to see original artwork link.

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Here is my submission! Olsen twins meet The Shining Twins:

Nice one, er, two!!

Hehe thank you :)

Very nice and creative... the miracle of twinning!

Good one, it would be a good design for the zodiacal sign Gemini.

Twins, as children inevitably get dressed in similar clothing... but then the Olsens are fashion designers, so who's complaining :) That is one sturdy, expressive 'doodle'!


Olsen + The Shining, what a creepy mix! :)
Nice work!

Hehe. Thank you :)

Pencil & digital

Hahaha... yes!! Those are the quintessential twins :D Lovely work Manu, lots of clever techniques.




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