Draw something leaping. Today's drawing is special, as you will draw again this day only after four years :) It's a leap year and its the 29th of Feb. Have fun drawing!

Here is a lovely work to be inspired by

The submissions for the challenges can be a drawing, painting, sketch done using traditional or digital mediums.

All image credits belong to original up-loaders. Please click on image to see original artwork link.

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Pencil & digital

Ref. Img. from net


Beautiful drawing Manu! It's like his own shadow spooked him. Lovely stuff.

(I edited your post to display the image inline with the text. Hope that's ok.)

Perfect, thanks, I was asking me how to do it.

I think this kind of fox uses as technique for haunting a jump to break a hole on snow, so he can take a prey that runs under it... But paying attention to the drawing, your valuation looks more correcta :)

Lovely art, Manu! Has a magical mystical feel to it! :))

Thank you. Maybe is the "natural mystic blowing thru the air" Bob Marley was speaking about... ;)

amazing .. love the play of colors .. it is so dynamic!

Thank you very much. Photoshop brushes were a huge help for that. Your drawing is very nice too.

Awesome work manu!

Thanks for the compliment :)


A beautiful leap of creativity, Prem! :))




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