Something Red

Today we draw to the colour red! Draw anything it could be an apple, an angry man, a red sky, berries or a red chair. Have fun drawing.

Here are few lovely works I found

The submissions for the challenges can be a drawing, painting, sketch done using traditional or digital mediums.

All image credits belong to original up-loaders. Please click on image to see original artwork link.

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Selfie from last night... fit the bill of something red :)

Yes, indeed it does, and more :) I'm reminded of Matisse's The Green Stripe.

thanks prosenjit.  that one i've tried copying in the past :))

A red dragonfly done in watercolor and Reynolds Trimax red pen in 15 mins.

I have always been fascinated by dragonflies - their bright colors, glinting in the sun, as they fly in all directions (even backwards).

They are fascinating, aren't they? Such advanced aerodynamics in their flight maneuvers. They are also harbingers of good luck according to some cultures. I like this little fellow :)

Thanks Prosenjit :) Nice to know they are considered harbingers of good luck!

very nice and very bright :))

Thanks :)

I like the tone used ... mostly light color and just the right hint of dark.

Not that vibrant red, as I painted this using some red wine.

So adorable :D and tipsy ...




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