Sitting in an auto staring at a maxicab in front of me I became aware of an awesome sticker of good ol' Ekadantha on it's rear window. The simplified forms were pure genius. I looked up 'Ganesha designs' and what I found was a staggering array of Ganesha visuals. This is one god that has been visualised a gazillion different ways and there's still scope to innovate! Starting from the 32 forms of Ganesha for introspection, to the number of modern visuals for decoration or worship, the variations are simply amazing. Ganesha adorns body Art, stickers, calendars, sculptures and much much more.


Today's daily sketch theme is to draw a Ganesha. Don't feel pressurized to stick to any single format. Let your imagination go wild and design a Ganesha that adds to the popularity and mystique of Lambodhara. Draw, sculpt, assemble, paint, splash, doodle or shape! Anything goes as long as ol' one tooth manifests!


And now for some inspiration. Check it out! No wonder he's the remover of Obstacles.





















































Yowza right? Happy drawing!

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'Yowza' IS right... this collection you have displayed up there itself is a master piece - can't thank you enough for the treat. Human creativity seems limitless...! Saving the entire long page as one screenshot.
Thanks Prosenjit! I enjoyed myself searching for Interesting ganeshas. BTW, how do you save the whole page as a screenshot? A lot of stitching?
Fabulous collection indeed. There are a lot of "stupidified" Ganesha's floating around. Not one in this collection!
I did print page into a pdf using cute pdf. Is that what Prosenjit does too?
Aha.. I knew this would be asked @ screenshot! Now its my turn to gloat and be psychic :D

If you're using Firefox (4 and above), go to add-ons and install this - Pearl Crescent Page Saver. Once its icon appears on the add-on bar, right click it and turn off (uncheck) 'arrange to capture flash content' as it could give you dodgy functioning... otherwise it works very well on my XP. From page saver options, you may choose if the screenshot will be jpg or png, and also the location for the saved files. Henceforth, clicking anywhere on any page will give you the option to save the entire page, or the visible part.
wow! Deadly useful! Many thanks for this. No more align stitch save nonsense!
Pearl Crescent Page Saver is not compatible with Fire Fox 5.0 + versions.. :)
No? That's weird... could be the operating system them. I'm using pearl crescent with Firefox 5 on xp and its working okay at my end. This page generated a 28,633 px high image :D - easily the 'tallest' jpeg in my computer!

Windows XP professional OS and i tried installing FireFox Versions 5.0 and 5.0.1 both won't support the PCPS version which you have given. :)



Had done this recently, acrylic on canvas.... Love Ganesha and will definitely trying to work on a new sketch :)

Lovely flowing lines, and vibrant colors!




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