You could use dots and develop a drawing, lines add another dimension, and by the time you get to shapes, the picture is pretty complex. Introduce light, shade and volume and your picture is about as zhakhaas as it can get... then you go out and bung in texture with your cold pressed paper or your knife painting. Done right? Muahahahaha. No.


Just when you thought you could take it easy, I hit thee with (dishoom!) - Mixity Mixed Mixes!!  Mixed media drawing adds a totally new dimension. Not only does the drawing have elements that look and feel different, it also adds Zdepth to the image. This slight perceptual change has a massive effect on the viewer. If you've seen relief sculptures, you know what a little depth can do.


This is today's assignment folks. Find yourself some hard backed cardboard or a think sheet of wood (3mm Ply?), superglue, fevicol, rags and bit of odds and ends (toothpaste caps, cut plastic bottles, coir, your neighbour's annoying pom... whatever!) Assemble them in front of you. Make sure the space is airy enough. Glue can be heady.


Now resist the feeling of going all out, pasting stuff and expressing yourself. Nope. You have to first design it. Look at all the bits in front of you and construct a few compositions on paper. Sketch it out with shading. Design a pleasing and awesome composition. When you're ready, reconstruct it from the sketch, but make little changes as required by the situation.


Pasted? You can now paint it if you like. On it, over it or all around it, even. When it's all done, give it a name, and show it off here. Yay. Mixity Mixed Mixes.









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Not sure if this qualifies: a picture of an object first and then the drawing over and below - And  ... yet, with all my audacity, I put it up! :) 


It's a pic of an keyboard - duster that got modified to be my Rockstar's hair. The Elec Guitar top is part of a stolen pic from the internet... the face and the expression are hand drawn with my graphic tablet and added a retro filter with Gimp...

Haha. not bad at all. I like it! You should attempt one in natural media, it makes a huge difference in your learning!


And you're a Gimpster too! That so nice to know.

I did try this sticking small strips of TP to make a mummy on paper... so natural and biodegradable there :). But didn't plan it very well like you'd recommended and ended up with something that had to be abandoned....

I think it kicks ass! That's such a great idea. I'm going to pick up some gauze on my way home and try this one. All bleeedy and grubby like.


love stinging cupid jellyfish :D

the first sample picture Goerge posted urged me

this was funn ^^

used threads...garlic skin (well^^' just found it on my way)...jamun seed cut in half with its insides gone.....acrylics new n old....and last but not the least dry acrylic from the tube top for the hallow :P








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