Early this morning there was an email waiting for me. It was fromthis guy and it was a suggestion for today's theme, and what a fantastic theme it is.


John James Audubon was an ornithologist, naturalist and painter among numerous other things. What is of tremendous fascinationis that he too was a jammer! John drew to study, observe and document and dear god... how he did it! His drawings were finally transferred onto copper plate for etching, which explains the delicate line quality in his drawings.


You will notice that he didn't just study and draw birds, but carefully designed the composition to allow for behavioral detail to shine through.


Today's daily drawing is a celebration of Audubon. Find a photograph of a bird, study it and reproduce it in a way that would make John James proud.


Check out some of his work...












And a huge file so you can zoom in... and another one for luck,here...


Many thanks Anil, for this awesome theme.



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lovely reflection Ji...!
A colourful response! Of the bird. And to this thread :)

Vidya, Parani, Akhila, Dinesh, Prabha... Thank Yous!


@ Prabha - oh yes, the line of action indeed look similar. Mine was referenced of a humming bird, and they 'buzz' rather than flutter their wings, hence the flip action (impossible to see with the naked eye) is characteristic of it. 

No allegories intended :) just a little birdie trying to make contact across a glass wall. I wonder if its only responding to its own reflection though.


Yummy! Rich colours... and has a litttle story to tell! Very nice...
My contribution...Im always late.... ref pic is here...   http://www.haryana-online.com/images/Birds/Ashley/Great-crested-gre...
Parani, this is beautiful! Love the soft fluffy feel to it... an improvement over the hard-edged photo ref. The colours are much more vibrant too  :)
thanks Dinesh... I tried for water shimmering effect...pch..missed.that only disappointing me. Next time i will do that definetely...

Couldn't agree less! Nice work :)


Thnks prabha... Even u didnt see this bird, how can i see? :)

somewhat it attracted.

//Dinesh asked for water (after your chillies painting)//

Oh...yes...How it happens? however im answering...:) Thanks for ur encouragements...!

Feels like its also enjoying a cool dip in the hot summer sun!




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