Early this morning there was an email waiting for me. It was fromthis guy and it was a suggestion for today's theme, and what a fantastic theme it is.


John James Audubon was an ornithologist, naturalist and painter among numerous other things. What is of tremendous fascinationis that he too was a jammer! John drew to study, observe and document and dear god... how he did it! His drawings were finally transferred onto copper plate for etching, which explains the delicate line quality in his drawings.


You will notice that he didn't just study and draw birds, but carefully designed the composition to allow for behavioral detail to shine through.


Today's daily drawing is a celebration of Audubon. Find a photograph of a bird, study it and reproduce it in a way that would make John James proud.


Check out some of his work...












And a huge file so you can zoom in... and another one for luck,here...


Many thanks Anil, for this awesome theme.



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I love the asymmetry and the simplicity of this one!

It looks so proud that you painted it! :-) The white of the neck with the pale wash is lovely.

I like your signature in Kannada too! :-)

Ah, the watercoloured swan, with a touch of gold. Lovely!
simple but sweet. luv the washes!
Thank you all for encouraging me :)

Oh, what a good response! Here is my own take.



The incomparable Salim Ali describes what happened to me with this bird as if he was there watching. I will fish that out later and add to this.


I saw this bird catch a bee in flight and I was captivated. I did all I could to find out more about it - by buying his book. 


For some unknown reason, "Snowy Egret" by Audubon is my favourite. 

All of you do such wonderful things with water colours... I feel like taking a plunge too :).

Wow, a moment of suspense! Will he or won't he get the bee..? :)

Nice colours, almost colour-pencil-like.

nice one anilji..!
Very nice

This is an old, old  one ('09) that I'm re-posting... sincere apologies. Just couldn't resist posting it in this wonderful thread. Thanks George and great work all round ((( applause ))) !!!


Watercolor, 28 cm x 19 cm approx, imaginary composition - best to view it at full size.


:) love the reflection!




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