Hi Friends,

I have started sketching recently and need your valuable comments on improving shading.

Added 3 artworks.

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Hi Manisha

congrats on entering the stream of art. I took a look at your attachments, and this is my feedback...

You can see that while the boat is visible, the various shapes and pieces of the boat all look the same. Also if you refer to some pictures of sail boats, you will get an understanding of how the mast and sails blow out and how the hull of the boat is shaped.

This means that the first step to drawing is observation. Of form (shapes), of tone (shading of light and dark) and composition (what is the best place for the  boat on the page?)

To do this, look for drawing of sailboats on the net and study how the artist's have worked on them. See these for example.

This is just a mass of lines. But can you see how perfectly the artist has recreated the sense of the dockside?

This has low detail, but the shapes, tone and compisition clearly depict what it is.

at medium detail, the picture becomes clearer

and in high detail everything matters. Intensive research is required.

My advice to you is:

  • Study, observe, make notes! Keep a sketchbook to study and draw details until you memorise the structure.
  • Copy great drawings of boats and compare it with the original to learn
  • Start on small sheets first (A4) before working your way up to larger drawings

Here is an assignment for you. Why don't you attempt drawing this in pencil. If you finish before 6-8 hours, start again!! :)  Keep doing that until you are patient enough to spend hours at a stretch on drawing.

Happy drawing!

Thank you George. Tips were really helpful. I will take up the assignment.




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