It was a fantastic experience- to just be together and learn, try and discuss water colour with such a keen group and an awesome teacher!

We had all bought the listed materials and the excitement was up to expectation!

Dhruba is a generous , enthu person, Sorry I am putting this event so late- but its all there in the CWA facebook already.

Am adding my trial brush stroke excercises here for tempting others to add on with theirs!

We all hope to get another round of second level training with Dhruba soon!

 These were done with large brushes and very rapidly.

This final view of the house by the lake- was a challenge, as Dhruba's was so good!

My attempt is below-

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Lovely work ,...... Balaji.  By the way is this somebody whom I think it to be ...... ? :) { Nithya }?

The foliage over the structure has come out so well

Thank you Prabha.

Yes, you are right.  Who else but my muse?

This also looks good. Add some cast shadows to plant the different elements to the ground. Shadows break the bigger shapes, shows light direction and the undulation of the ground if any. The same principle of aerial perspective can be applied on the distant trees by using bluish/desaturated color which will bring out the more saturated foreground colors. Looking forward to see some more. Thanks for sharing!

 I had meant to put in some shadows but realised only after I had posted this one that I had forgotten to do so. 

Thank you ever so much for looking at my work and offering advice, suggestions, and constructive criticism.

This one is based on a pen and ink thumbnail sketch that I made on location at the Morning Concert event at Nageswara Rao Park a week ago. C&C welcome.




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