It was a fantastic experience- to just be together and learn, try and discuss water colour with such a keen group and an awesome teacher!

We had all bought the listed materials and the excitement was up to expectation!

Dhruba is a generous , enthu person, Sorry I am putting this event so late- but its all there in the CWA facebook already.

Am adding my trial brush stroke excercises here for tempting others to add on with theirs!

We all hope to get another round of second level training with Dhruba soon!

 These were done with large brushes and very rapidly.

This final view of the house by the lake- was a challenge, as Dhruba's was so good!

My attempt is below-

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That is a wonderful suggestion Dhruba. I will put up my new version in this thread soon.

Dhruba...I will do another  version of the final exercise after a week or two by when I hope to have spent a fair bit of time painting. Meanwhile, I plan to do watercolour versions of the pen and ink thumbnail sketches that I did at the Madras War Cemetery last Sunday. Here is the first one. 

Balaji- I like this one very much indeed.So... you have done the washes and brush work I can see.

And also left out white spaces strategically. Must try my hand at something proper soon.I feel inspired seeing this.

Keep it up!

Thank you Nithya. 

Balaji , this is awesome !!

Prabha...Thank you very much.

This looks very good Balaji sir, Loved the colors and the elements included and the strong drawing. May be you can use a bigger brush for the background/distant grasses to avoid numerous small bush strokes. You can always come again with slightly darker value strokes at few areas just to suggest few blades of grass using both soft and hard edges. The details can be reduced from foreground towards background creating sense of space. Also may be leaving some white areas on the face [front edge] will showcase catching light and separate it from the back ground. Also try to blend edges between various elements and shapes with your initial big wash. When it has dried up, come up with a darker value to define certain edges and shapes. In water color, less is more. Though the level of details added is dependent on the artists' choice, a loose work always gives the viewer the opportunity to complete the picture within mind. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you very much Dhruba. I have taken note of all the suggestions and shall try to keep them in mind when I do my next watercolour (perhaps later today).

This is my second watercolour sketch based on a pen and ink thumbnail sketch that I did last Sunday at the Madras War Cemetery.

Again it's a nice one. You can slightly use bluish/grey color for the distant trees to create more depth with aerial perspective while using big brush with less visible strokes. Use multiple colors in a bigger shapes like the red roof, the wall by using wet - in - wet technique to create vibrancy. Loved the simplified ground.

Thank you Dhruba. Now that you point it out I see how differently (and much better) this could have been painted. Will keep all your suggestions in mind.

This is my third watercolour sketch based on a pen and ink thumb nail sketch that I made on location at the Madras War Cemetery. C&C welcome.




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