It was a fantastic experience- to just be together and learn, try and discuss water colour with such a keen group and an awesome teacher!

We had all bought the listed materials and the excitement was up to expectation!

Dhruba is a generous , enthu person, Sorry I am putting this event so late- but its all there in the CWA facebook already.

Am adding my trial brush stroke excercises here for tempting others to add on with theirs!

We all hope to get another round of second level training with Dhruba soon!

 These were done with large brushes and very rapidly.

This final view of the house by the lake- was a challenge, as Dhruba's was so good!

My attempt is below-

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Wow! I had not seen your first one... the brush strokes at the workshop. Don;t know how I missed it but it is excellent. The vibrancy of the colours is amazing in that.

The workshop was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and  felt I learnt a lot. 

First layering exercises

End of day 1 layering and negative painting

Skipping the other experimentals (can see them all on facebook) on day 2, here is my last painting of day 2

Hi Kalpana, It's great to see these again together here! thanks for sharing. I am glad to hear that the workshop was helpful to you. looking forward to see some more watercolor works! All the best!

Nithya...It is good of you to start this thread and I hope the other participants in Dhruba's watercolour workshop will also add not only the exercises that they did during the workshop but also their subsequent follow up exercises and watercolour artwork in this thread itself so that we can all track our progress. It would also enable Dhruba to see our work and comment on it.

Dhruba is not only a gifted artist but also has a clear understanding of the materials and techniques that go into producing outstanding watercolour artwork. He is also articulate and his demos and talks were therefore very instructive, clear and easy to understand. He made painting look effortless. Of course when we tried to do what he demonstrated the results were very different from his, but I am sure that with constant practice we will all make considerable progress.

Here are a few of the exercises that I did during the workshop.

Exercise 1 - wet on dry in layers in monocolour

Exercise 2 - wet on dry in layers with different colours.

Exercise 3 - a bit of wet in wet in the sky and foreground and wet on dry to build layers.

Exercise 4 - brushstrokes

Exercise 5 - putting together all that we learnt over the two days.

Nice to see your works, Nithya , Kalpana & Balaji. Though I am not trying out anything right now, am enjoying all your info and work being put up. :)

Thank you Balaji sir for your kind words and feedback regarding the watercolor workshop which is also essential for me to understand how the workshop went from the participants point of view. I also agree with you that, its not only the exercises that we practiced in the workshop should be shared here but also the subsequent follow up practices so that everybody can track, learn and improve further. It's constant practice that makes watercolor easier to handle. Watercolor needs disciplined practice to get satisfactory results and if we do not practice and paint regularly, the progress becomes slow. It's good to do simple exercises for practicing the techniques of watercolor and implementing them in compositions. Doing monochromatic value studies before each painting is a good habit as it works as a road map for the watercolor painting process.

It's nice to see your workshop exercises here! Thanks for sharing!

I realise that despite the excellence of Dhruba's watercolour workshop my watercolour painting skills will not improve unless I use the medium regularly and also practise the techniques demonstrated by Dhruba at the workshop. Sadly it was only yesterday. nearly two weeks after the workshop, that I could find the time to pick up a brush. 

This one is based on a photograph by Irv called Barn and Farmhouse. 

I painted this on a Khyati watercolour A4 pad. It was the first time that I was using this paper and I found it very different to what I had used during the later stages of the workshop. Initially I found the difference very disconcerting.  

C&C welcome.

Lovely work. I like the light shades you have used Balaji.

It's good to see this watercolor work, Balaji sir. I liked the simplification on the wooden walls and the roof of the barn suggested with just hints. The light captured is also very nice. May be while laying the first big under washes for various areas, like the walls, roof, the ground in front and even the tree foliage, you can use the 'wet-in-wet' technique to add multiple colors blending together boldly on paper to break the monotony [though I am judging the colors based on this image and my monitor]. It's exciting to do the initial washes as you can paint over and beyond lines connecting bigger areas without fear. Let the colors blend and settle automatically which will make a vibrant under wash. Bigger brushes with economical strokes should be used at this stage to avoid unwanted brush marks and muddy colors. Later on you can build a second layer to get the details and forms. Constant practice will make the techniques easier to handle. I would suggest you to work on very simple subjects when you are short of time, but its good to practice them regularly almost every single day. You need not to worry much to find a great subject or picture, but one which gives you some interesting shapes of light and dark is enough to do these exercises. The main thing is to understand, how to build the values over layers maintaining freshness of colors using lost and found edges.

Regarding using a new paper, It's a good idea to test the paper first with some simple strokes and washes to understand how it behaves. All different papers react differently giving different results and also require different approaches. Hope to see some more watercolor works from you soon!

Thank you Dhruba for looking at my work closely and giving such valuable suggestions. I will try and put all of them into practice. I have also taken note of your advise to practise the techniques almost every single day.

Thanks a lot Nithya Madam for starting this thread and my apology for replying late. I had a great time being there in the watercolor workshop in Chennai and was very glad to see the enthusiasm of each participant in both days of the workshop. I hope the knowledge shared in the workshop is going to be helpful to everybody to build confidence while sketching and painting in watercolor. The works that you have done and posted here are very good, however we should remember that the desired results in watercolor come from constant practice. I am also thankful to both of you and Balaji sir for being such wonderful hosts. And my thanks to Murali and others for making this workshop possible there. I am looking forward to meet you all again soon and for some more art knowledge sharing. Thanks a lot again!

Adding the final demo from the 2nd day of the watercolor workshop in Chennai. May be all of you should give this another attempt and good idea would be trying a different composition format this time than the one you had used in the workshop [various samples are there in the provided note] Also it will be good to use a different tonal value map to create a different mood within the picture. As mentioned in the workshop, the colors used in any particular area are not as much important as the value and temperature they carry. May be you can come up with a completely different color scheme too. It's the exploration which creates something new in art. All the best and looking forward to see some more watercolors from everybody, I'll also try to share some more works!


the picture is so perfect.

You are right, we can and should try the same scene with different colours.

Promise I will do so and share soon. 




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