From Tirupathi I went to Chennai to visit my brother .I joined with Chennai pencil jammers on Sunday with my niece Jyothsna  ! I had a great time with them.

       I noticed that with regular sketching they are confident,enjoying,and creating wonderful art!

       I too got warm welcome and lot of sharing ! It is a good learning experience for me to work with such a wonderful artist group!

       Thank you Balaji sir, Nitya madem, Prabha narayanan,kalpana,Muralidhar, Ganapathi subramanian for sharing lot of things!

Hope I can join again!

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It was another wonderful day ..with lot of sketchers in action.

Nice to meet Kiran in person. and what a wonderful sketch!

Balaji, you sketches are just beautiful, great to see you back in action!

Thanks GS. It was wonderful to be back. I very much missed sketching, and more than that our weekend sessions and meeting with you guys.

 Kiran, it was a pleasant surprise to see you yesterday. Very nice of you to have brought your niece too. Hope she joins our group and shares her work with us. Do put up your work. Hope to see you more often :)

I guess we hit a sweet spot this Sunday, with one of the central locations in Chennai. We planned to meet early and were all there before 8. 

Balaji, Nithya and Kalpana were the first to reach and Kiran and Jyothsna joined them. they all found a nice spot with a view and began sketching away. Murali and Amiltha joined soon, followed by Ganapathy, Prabha and Alok.

Higginbotham, the LIC building, the near by other old buildings several of them more than a century old, along with the metro rail work with their monsterous toys, provided ample subjects, on a pretty quiet and empty Anna Salai aka Mount Road.

Had great fun meeting and chatting. 

Here are some clicks, Amiltha was behind the camera...

The LIC building that used to define Anna Salai , we can see how the Metro is competing for attention.

The majestic Higginbotham, the orginal bookstore of Chennai. 

The old structures at the left are what is left of the more than a century old  Bharat Insurance building, 

Enthusiastic sketchers .. a new sight in Chennai

Two conversations... no points for guessing  which is intellectual. :) !

This is to tell you we are very serious folks...

Ha...Fooled you.... you cannot find a more cheerful bunch!
Actually I think we overdid the Cheese thing and without realizing our bright teeth overexposed the sketchpads.

Amiltha...Thank you for the very nice photographs.

GS...Your captions are delightful.

Lovely photographs amitha. Hope to see your work here also!

Very nice photographs Amiltha !!  And GS I love the captions you have given. It is like adding garam masala to a nicely made dish !!!!:) 

lovely photos and captions !Thanks to Amiltha!

Lovely Photographs and captions. Amitha's skills at such a young age is really amazing.

Wonderful compiled story of sketching this time. Lovely and lively captions GS!

Amilth is happy. Clicking and looking at her photographs now. 

Now-a-days, she draws at home. Love to click at the location. Let she enjoy what she likes...


("Anna Salai" now-Standing outside a shut ATM space- I could get this curve of the road with the minaret and line of old buildings, plus of course the mess of the metro.20 mins sketch with my favourite pencil and later touched up with pen.

THE METRO -work in progress.

This huge contraption was really close up and looked awesome from below. I have failed to capture the bottom to top angle and finally it looks flat. The bird circled into view and quickly faded out.The hanging hooks have come out well.


This guy was blissfully reading his newspaper.A watchman for a shut ATM!The sign near him said "Öut of order".

He kept changing his leg position even within the 20 mins.

Very nice sketches Nithya.

"Mount Road Corner" very nicely captures the mess and narrowing down, because of the Metro Rail work in progress, at what is actually a fairly wide junction of several roads.

In the second one "The Metro - work in progress" I like the fact that you have chosen to get really close to the equipment. I think you have drawn the hanging hooks really well. I also like the workman that you have included in your sketch and there is a sense of movement in the way you have drawn the bird.

"Watchman At The ATM" captures the pose beautifully.




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