From Tirupathi I went to Chennai to visit my brother .I joined with Chennai pencil jammers on Sunday with my niece Jyothsna  ! I had a great time with them.

       I noticed that with regular sketching they are confident,enjoying,and creating wonderful art!

       I too got warm welcome and lot of sharing ! It is a good learning experience for me to work with such a wonderful artist group!

       Thank you Balaji sir, Nitya madem, Prabha narayanan,kalpana,Muralidhar, Ganapathi subramanian for sharing lot of things!

Hope I can join again!

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Lovely sketches! The watchman's pose is superb, and the hook like things are indeed very nicely done.

Your quick sketch works are very nice Nithya . Yes, the hanging hooks have come out very well & the bird too. The watch must have been changing his leg posture because of '' out of order '' !!!

Nice works!Watchman at the ATM is great!

Nithya, nice sketches! you captured some wonderful views!

The cropped crane has created a sense of question to the viewer as to how high it is hanging from.

Nice one. Love the posture of watchman, hook in 2nd sketch and composition in the first sketch.

Cool and spontanious ones from Nithya.

Love the watchman very much. Also the Mount road view. 

It was a wonderful surprise to meet you Kiran and also your niece.

You have a free style and you are so quick!

Hope we get to sketch together lots more....

Thank you for coming.

Kiran, your sketch is simply amazing and it was great to see you. Hope you get to come more often and hope the plan for all of us to go to go to Tirupati materialises.

I had a great time this sunday. I had really been wanting to go to this particular part of Mount Road and draw these strange shaped monsters dwarfing the regal old buildings behind them. Many many thanks to everyone on this group for making this possible. I would never have roused myself to do it alone. 

It was so nice to have a larger gathering and to look at each others sketches as they progressed. Looking forward to many more!

Here is the series that I did. Everything was done on location.

Kalpana dear , I am going to say the same thing.... just fantastic !!!

Simply superb! I admire the consistency in the style and medium.

Kalpana ,your works are amazing! love the style!

Sure ,will plan for the jam at Tirupathi!

Wonderful sketches Kalpana. These are a feast for the eyes.




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