From Tirupathi I went to Chennai to visit my brother .I joined with Chennai pencil jammers on Sunday with my niece Jyothsna  ! I had a great time with them.

       I noticed that with regular sketching they are confident,enjoying,and creating wonderful art!

       I too got warm welcome and lot of sharing ! It is a good learning experience for me to work with such a wonderful artist group!

       Thank you Balaji sir, Nitya madem, Prabha narayanan,kalpana,Muralidhar, Ganapathi subramanian for sharing lot of things!

Hope I can join again!

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Replies to This Discussion was really wonderful having you and your neice Jyothsna with us yesterday. Since Tirupathi is not too far away from Chennai hopefully we will all have the pleasure of sketching together more often. Your sketch is wonderful. You have captured the style and proportions of the building very well and also made the drawing come alive. I hope Jyothsna too will post her work and, since she is in Chennai, that she will join us every week.

It was also nice to meet Alok. I have been seeing and appreciating his work on Pencil Jammers but we met only now. The sketch that he produced yesterday was yet another attractive piece and I am looking forward to seeing it here.

I have not been sketching for a little over a couple of months and I found that I was very rusty. But it felt great to be back with friends who share my passion for sketching. As usual I did one pen & ink sketch painstakingly after making a light pencil  outline to establish the massing and perspective, and then a quick one sketched directly in ink with a calligraphic sketch pen. These are my two sketches.

                                      View From LIC, Anna Salai, Chennai

                                     Chennai Metro Rail At Work

Superb Balaji !!

Thank you Prabha.

The first sketch is simply superb!!! Flawless work! My crane looks chewed up compared to yours :)

You are being too modest Kalpana, but thanks all the same. :)

Beautiful works! I like  the way you shifted the building ! I for got  to mention Alok.His work also is amazing!

Thank you Kiran.

Thank you mam. It was so nice to meet you. Your work with pen was awesome. I have always wanted to make sketches from simple single lines. Seeing yours work I can learn many things.

Superb sketches! Perspective in 1st one, crane and building is awesome. 
I always wanted to meet you in person after seeing your sketches. It was really nice to meet you on sunday. Hope we meet every coming meetups so that I can learn more from you. 

Alok, the pleasure was entirely mine. I too was wanting to meet you after seeing your sketches and more than that your enthusiasm. Yes, we will certainly meet more often from now on and learn from each other.

Awesome Balaji. Glad to see you after a long time.

Admire the perspectives and pricision in your sketches.

The building appear fearing rom the huge crane!

Thank you Murali. I felt very rusty after the long break and was very doubtful about how this one would turn out.




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