It is a great feeling to see the sea which is appearing endless and admire the sky kissing the sea at the horizon. 

Marina meet was great. There is a good crowd till 8 am. Little tough to find a place to sit for drawing in the worlds 2nd largest beach. After 9 am the crowd disappears due to hot getting hotter.. We could find places under the trees in the lawn.

Nithya and Kalpana were the early birds to be there by 7:30 am. Murali and Anbu joined them after 30 mins. Gandhi was looking fresh and waiting for us with his crows. We sketched couple of views. Early birds decided to get back home. Alok and Upasana joined the sketching party after that. We occupied under a small tree and had fun looking at the beach and drawing.
Couple of us visited art gallerias like Lalit Kala academy (Exhibition of young artists of south india) and Musium (Art gallery and pen and Ink art exhibition). We found GS there finally  The day was complete and FULL.

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Prabha and Alok - thank you very much!

Both Kalpana and I sat nearly at the same spot, so got identical view of the scene.

It became very hot pretty soon and crowd of morning walkers gathered around us.A bit too close for comfort, for me.

Got the general hang of the scene and completed most of it on the spot.Shaded the foreground at home.

Soft charcoal pencil.

Nithya, very nice sketch. Its interesting how you both got different views  from same spot!

Beautiful! I love how your composition makes the statue most prominent and also captures the action of Gandhi walking briskly.

Wow Nithya !!!! Super :) I have to say it tamil '' Neataa pallichinnu irikku " !!! I feel the shading over all has made each character prominent in it's own way.

Very nicely done. I like the way you have drawn the objects that are farther away so lightly. There even seems to be a hint of a boat in the distance. Perhaps you could have also shown the distant shoreline very lightly.

I agree with Prabha that your shading brings out each of the subjects in the foreground of your sketch.

Wonderful work Nithya.

I like Gandhi's clothes and the bunch of ladies..

Correct. As Prabha said '' Neataa pallichinnu irikku " !

Missed the coolness of morning and people around. Tried my best to do what I could. I dont why every time I end up sketching everything so dark and messy.

Alok, a well made sketch, good separation of planes. 

Thank you Sir!

Thanks to Murali Sir for suggesting to add Clouds and birds. It really beautified whole scene.

Alok, one suggestion, you may want to subdue the clouds a little, so it is less prominent, you may want to check Murali's sketches as well as the one by Nithya..the clouds are just very mildly suggested, so they don't dominate.. unless of course that is the objective. 




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