It is a great feeling to see the sea which is appearing endless and admire the sky kissing the sea at the horizon. 

Marina meet was great. There is a good crowd till 8 am. Little tough to find a place to sit for drawing in the worlds 2nd largest beach. After 9 am the crowd disappears due to hot getting hotter.. We could find places under the trees in the lawn.

Nithya and Kalpana were the early birds to be there by 7:30 am. Murali and Anbu joined them after 30 mins. Gandhi was looking fresh and waiting for us with his crows. We sketched couple of views. Early birds decided to get back home. Alok and Upasana joined the sketching party after that. We occupied under a small tree and had fun looking at the beach and drawing.
Couple of us visited art gallerias like Lalit Kala academy (Exhibition of young artists of south india) and Musium (Art gallery and pen and Ink art exhibition). We found GS there finally  The day was complete and FULL.

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Thank you Pro! This is happening because I am fascinated behind the truth of spontaneous and rhythmic art which you shared (long back) and discussion with GS (recently). Long way to go.

I always loved the way crows come and sit on the bald head of our father of nation as if their home!    

 Murali , just love all your sketches. The little girl's features ....... the young man waiting for his friend , the  water colour , etc  :)

Thank you Prabha! 

Looks like I missed out on the group sketching this time! By eight fifteen was finding it too hot to stay. I did a simple pen and ink line drawing till the sprinklers under the trees suddenly came on forcing me to move. Then went home and added some colour to it immediately - derwent colour pencils.

this is beautiful!

Very beautiful Sketch! What draws me is the colorful and lively people strewn liberally across the picture..

Took the liberty to crop it to draw the attention. Hope you don't mind.

Love the colors and perspective

Superb that you have removed the entire traffic signal mess there ;-)

You have inspired me to take my color pencils back!

Kalpana...This is very nicely done. Although you have done the tree quite nicely I also like it as cropped by GS. And I agree with GS that the people in your sketch bring it to life.

Thank you all! Such encouraging comments :)

GS the crop does look good. I actually realised I had a huge expanse of white paper on top so I added the tree as an afterthought.

Incidentally, there was a group of 4 men bang in the middle of the lawn doing yoga poses. I wasn't courageous enough to capture them.

Beautiful Kalpana !!!!

Beautiful indeed. Love the distance effect, colours and pen outlines. :)




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