It is a great feeling to see the sea which is appearing endless and admire the sky kissing the sea at the horizon. 

Marina meet was great. There is a good crowd till 8 am. Little tough to find a place to sit for drawing in the worlds 2nd largest beach. After 9 am the crowd disappears due to hot getting hotter.. We could find places under the trees in the lawn.

Nithya and Kalpana were the early birds to be there by 7:30 am. Murali and Anbu joined them after 30 mins. Gandhi was looking fresh and waiting for us with his crows. We sketched couple of views. Early birds decided to get back home. Alok and Upasana joined the sketching party after that. We occupied under a small tree and had fun looking at the beach and drawing.
Couple of us visited art gallerias like Lalit Kala academy (Exhibition of young artists of south india) and Musium (Art gallery and pen and Ink art exhibition). We found GS there finally  The day was complete and FULL.

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ya sometimes I feel like it's prominence is killing the reality and making the scene look artificial. Will keep it in mind next time.. and if I can edit it will try my best.
But as it's oil-based It seems difficult. You may notice a faint line touching the end of tree. That was a pole which I made and rubbed it off afterwards, and then I realized it's not a good idea to make mistakes with oil-pencil because it will not go completely. Good learning for me.

Very nice soft tones and feel to this sketch. Agree with GS about the clouds being lighter.  The details of the police lookout booth, foreground paving and plastic chair have been captured very well.

Thank you mam :)

 Very nice sketch Alok .All those food carts around, and the ships in the background , give a very relaxed lazy mood !! :)

Thank you mam. Yes the time when I went there was lazy before-noon and no people around. Missed capturing the energy of early morning. 

Alok...I do not see why you are unhappy with the darkness of your lines. I think yours is a very nice sketch and I think the contrast between the darks and lights (the white paper) in your sketch makes it attractive. I must also compliment you on the choice of your view.

I would like to add two suggestions to those already made by GS. I feel that having a better contrast (a clearer definition) between the sea and the shore, and ensuring that the horizon is not slanting or curved will enhance what is already a very nice sketch.

Oh! ya just realized that horizon is slanting. Thanks for pointing it out and thanks for appreciation.
I have always worried about multiple lines in my sketch. I don't draw anything with single and clear lines hence sometimes I feel it becomes messy. 

Not messy for sure Alok. It looked batter in your note book. 

You have started after many years. You will get confident lines in couple of attempts for sure. Looks great as such. I go with suggestions from GS and Balaji. 




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