It is a great feeling to see the sea which is appearing endless and admire the sky kissing the sea at the horizon. 

Marina meet was great. There is a good crowd till 8 am. Little tough to find a place to sit for drawing in the worlds 2nd largest beach. After 9 am the crowd disappears due to hot getting hotter.. We could find places under the trees in the lawn.

Nithya and Kalpana were the early birds to be there by 7:30 am. Murali and Anbu joined them after 30 mins. Gandhi was looking fresh and waiting for us with his crows. We sketched couple of views. Early birds decided to get back home. Alok and Upasana joined the sketching party after that. We occupied under a small tree and had fun looking at the beach and drawing.
Couple of us visited art gallerias like Lalit Kala academy (Exhibition of young artists of south india) and Musium (Art gallery and pen and Ink art exhibition). We found GS there finally  The day was complete and FULL.

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Couple my my sketches:

Gandhi arena... Anbu sketching there..

Gandhi and Marina view..

I had used ink, color pencil and water color here... Mixed media ah..

He was waiting for his friend. Then he introduced him and asked me if I can get him a job in the art field! He also decided to join us over the week end for sketching.

This madam came with her bundle of exam papers for valuation with sea wind... They moved when I started sketching them.

Law college students gathered there and discussing about further course of action in SriLankan Tamil issue.

My encounter with Gandhi..

A little girl came to me and asked me if I can sketch her and she can take the sketch with her. I tried my best.

I did miss out on the beach ! Nice sketches! Love the sketch of the student crowd!

Eight sketches!!! Each one is a gem! Particularly love the "mix" of the mixed media. I salute your staying power!

nice sketches!

Thanks GS. We too missed you!

Kalpana, Thank you. You know what? The crowd left the place by 9:00. Sprinklers stopped in 30 mins. Then Marina was empty almost. No crowd. We could sit under the tree peacefully and sketch :-)

Thanks Dhruba!

Murali...Thank you for such an interesting report and as usual such nice photographs that capture the mood of the place. I can see that it was a very productive morning for you from the number of sketches that you have turned out. I like all of them but my favourites are the first one with Ambu sketching, for its composition, the one of the law college students for the manner in which you have sketched the figures, tree, and shadows, and your close-up sketch of Gandhi's statue.

Thanks Balaji. It was a productive morning indeed. Being there at the location early makes lot of difference. 

Yah the first one is my fav in my sketches. 

Awesome! I need to learn from you how to do sketches quickly. 8 sketches speaks volume about your speed. And I was so impressed by that sketch on tissue paper which u completed in 1-2 min. 

Thanks Alok. I had to do quickly because we were very much hungry and I knew that we will get our meals in 2 mins ;-)

All the photos are wonderful.

The student group is particularly vibrant. the little girl is so alive.

well done .

Thanks Nithya! 

Amazing sketches Murali... I know how difficult it can be to capture so many different elements of the scene, in such a short time. But your visual note-taking is not only rich with info, its highly esthetic as well. That portrait is so very charming, and the crow upon the Mahatma's head... haha! (( thumbs up ))




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