A sudden invitation by Cholamandal sketching friend shifted the week's venue to Chennai mathematical Institute, to participate in an art workshop as part of their art and science meet, Fiesta.

Karmugil, and myself braced the distance and headed to the place well outside the city. Shailesh, Sheela and Sautick were the other familiar faces.

Was a fun event with Cholamandal artists Shailesh conducting a 'Sculpture out of waste' workshop. great atmosphere, with the students participating. We could only manage 50% of the project. so its a WIP.

Pictures from the event..

A view of the place .. 

A Giant Butterfly for the roof... 

Mummies? ..no! Just Dummies.

Show is over!

Something out of Nothing.. after working on this for couple hours, felt like I knew this person :)

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Wow! Looks like a different and nice experience which I missed it.
Thanks for sharing GS!

Wow.. echo sentiments from Murali.

Hope you have the dummy with you- could animate a bit more and bring it as still life model for our next session!

Sorry to have missed it too.


this looks like an interesting workshop! any more picture or info how u were making those sculptures?!

Dhruba, everyone was deeply engrossed in the process we forgot to document it . The materials used were Newspapers and threads to build the structure, and tissue paper and fevicol solution to refine and strengthen the structure. and then we coated it with distemper paint mixed with fevicol.  Idea was to use very regular, and left over material..

Of course I am realizing this is a very powerful medium, and can result in very creative scultptures. Shailesh has a very colorful installation in Dakshin Chitra Chennai, with an array of characters in colorful costumes, which I will try and share with you.

Sounds & looks very interesting !! Sorry to have missed .

Murali, Nithya, Prabha, it was fun indeed, perhaps we can ask Shailesh to have another more complete session. It opens up a whole new world. Must Thank Balaji, for bringing this event to my attention earlier.

Great Idea Nithya, I do have my sculpture, and can bring it!

GS...I am glad you and Karmugilan attended. I was feeling quite bad that I couldn't after having told Shailesh that I would. Your photographs look interesting and your very own dummy has turned out really well. :)

Wow! Fantastic! I think its a tremendously good idea to ask Shailesh for another session. Been very very long since I got my hands messy.

Here is a photo of what resulted from an earlier Shailesh workshop ..

Wow! That is impressive and attractive.

 Very nice !

Wow. Superb!

We should have another session. Or should not miss some thing like this in future. 




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