Spaces, is a rather unique place in Chennai, with a sprawling little green campus of sorts dotted with very classic structures creating a great mood for art of all kinds.

Special thanks to Balaji and Nithya for making this possible, and to Mr. Sadhanand Menon for letting us have the place for a creative day.

We had quite a bit of action this weekend with Murali, Balaji, Nithya, Kalpana, Prabha, Sangeetha, Alok, Arvind and his friend. Later in the day, Murali's cousin visting from New Zealand joined us. The weather was great and the atmosphere relaxing. By the time I joined, everyone was already half way through, I could see nice views of the beach and adjoining structures captured from various views, as well as the green garden inside Spaces getting the attention.

We had a little session on revising Gesture. A couple of practical approaches to how we could capture the gesture was presented, and we all took turns as models for the 1 minute gesture studies, which concluded with a few 'group' studies. 

We later had a good time looking at the works of everyone.

Looking forward to all the sketches.

Photos from the session. contributed by Murali, Balaji and GS. 

Lovely scene, lots of action..

Murali, you must stop staring and start riding...

Wonderful entrance,with light peeking from inside..

Focus is the name of the game..

They seem to be as good at pretending to listen, as much as I am pretending to tell something.

Now, that is dedication..

Same entrance, Light and focus shifted to a different subject..

Green indeed is this place..

Arvind's friend enthusiastically modeling for us ...

Golden rules of Gesture ..

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Some of my sketches from the session..

The last sketch is a demo of how one can complete a sketch in ink, beginning with gesture lines and yet eventually covering those lines up.

Ah, these gestures are delightful, GS! Shows how even scribbles can be works of art in themselves. Of course, the learning value of these are immense. Thanks for sharing these. It's true that very step of the art process brings joy :)

Lovely photos too. The beach is something we sorely miss in Bangalore :P

GS...your gesture sketches are wonderful. My favourite is the one that you have done of Kalpana arching backwards. In fact I think it would be good if you could do a few more sketches for us as demo the next time we meet. Meanwhile we will all keep practising. :)

The point that you made about submerging the gesture lines while developing the sketch is well demonstrated in your ink sketch. It is very nice.

Awesome! This is like dance with pencil!

Poses and action is captured brilliantly. In love with first one.

Pen & ink + brush is superb and inspiring!

How seamlessly your pencil lines flow- GS!

A lovely demo that was. Have faithfully recorded all my sketches of the day into my page.

Will share just two or three of them here-


This was an enclosed theatre space beyond that lovely door in the photo.I sneaked inside while another group were practicing and managed to sketch one side of the stage.

Arvind posed as if he was ready to run off- managed to understand GS's guidance I think as the lines flow in this one.

Am happy with this one too- all the others on my page are not worth including here- in my opinion atleast!

Nithya, nice sketch and loose gestures

Chandramandala is cool. We have not seen it. 

Love the confident lines in the gesture works!

Nithya...your confidence in your linework and your grasp of the essential elements in any scene that you sketch are your strengths and they are amply displayed in the Chandra Mandala sketch that you have posted.

I think your gestural sketch of Murali should be part of this set.

 Lovely Nithya. I like the walls in the first sketch, brick and the stone ones.

Kalpana's sketch has come out so well. The head bent backwards has come out so well.

Thank you all for your words of appreciation. I enjoyed doing these sketches.. and the session!

Thank you GS , for the wonderful session of gesture drawing. I felt I understood more this time with the practical class :) The face u created from the scribbles seemed amazing to me !!  Each of those sketches are so well defined. Kalpana's  arched pose has come out so well.

With all the "gesturing" going on I realized I missed some great opportunity to sketch. Here is my attempt after the fact..




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