The Chennai Weekend Artists returned to the Marina yet again.

I reached the north most part of the long Marina, around 7:15 to find, Balaji, Kalpana and our long expected member Solomon already there.

We scouted around for some locations that offered nice views as well as shade, since it was already pretty hot. Each of us eventually settled around the iconic Labour statue, with totally different view points and began sketching.

Soon Alok and Premnath joined.

It was fun to see the curious onlookers, chatting and commenting and asking to take pictures. 

Giridhar and Co came along in a while and began some interviews and shot us all in action.

After some great sketches, and discussions we wound up for the day. I totally enjoyed it and will vote for a visit any number of times.

Looking forward to stories and sketches from others..

A few picture from the session...

The place is full of historic buildings.. here is the University Senate House..

Solomon chose a nice view and began framing it..

Balaji was pushing his pen to the limits.. was very prolific

Kalpana, didn't complain about the precarious looking shelter.. 

Alok, looking perhaps a bit too intensely, certainly past the fellow jammers.

Wherever Balaji went he had escorts.

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My sketches from the session...

GS...All three sketches are very nice. I see that the bombardment by the crows did not prevent you from turning out such a lovely sketch of the beach. In the second one you have captured very nicely the proportions of the workers, the composition of the group as seen in the sculpture, and the effort going into their labour. And I like your third sketch for the effortless manner in which you have portrayed the very nice arrangement of towers in the University Senate House.

Lovely fluid lines GS!

First one shows a calm Marina landscape. Curvy lines and straight lines in 2nd and 3rd sketches are beautiful. I can see the joy of sketching for sure.

Great sketches! Really like your style. The triumph of labour figures are beautifully done


Great photos.

The triumph of labour statue sketch is a true triumph of your figure sketching.

Lovely lines... am going to practice ..feel very inspired seeing this particular one.

Nandita, Balaji, Mulrai, Kalpana, Nithya... Thank you!

Triumph of Labour is too good. Love the lines in Univ building and the branch of tree from top left corner. Perspective in 1st sketch is surely giving me many lessons to learn.

Sketching at Marina was certainly very enjoyable and I agree with you GS, we can go there many more times....but perhaps when it is a bit less hot. :)  Of course, braving the conditions and finding vantage points to sketch from is all part of what makes oudoor, on location sketching so interesting and challenging.

Thank you for the report, the very nice photographs and the interesting captions. We missed several of our regulars this week. It would be fun to meet in full strength one of these days.

I went to Marina with the intention of trying out the new pen that GS had so kindly procured for the three of us (GS, Murali, and myself). I had decided to use only one pen through the day and try to do several quick loose sketches. My first sketch was of the MGR Memorial. I struggled to control the lines and the pen felt very awkward and unwieldy. I was also quite rusty with my sketching.

I then moved to the shade of the police outpost nearby and took on the University Senate House. I found myself getting used to the pen and was slowly figuring out how to control the weight of the lines. But unfortunately the pen ran out of ink. I do not know whether I had failed to fill it properly or whether it will always need frequent re-fills. Anyhow there  was nothing else to do but fall back on my trusty calligraphy pen to complete this and the subsequent sketches.

From there I moved to a hot seat, i.e. to an unprotected spot to sketch the "Triumph of Labour" the sculpture by which this part of the Marina Beach is referred. While I was sketching this, perhaps because I was so exposed, I had a large number of people stopping to look at my work, with several of them offering words of praise and encouragement.

I have always wanted to sketch streetside activity but somehow I have never got around to doing it. This time I decided to try it and this is the result. In a sense this is a maiden effort.

By now it was getting very warm and GS and I moved to the shade of a tree. We both chose our subjects - GS facing the sea and I the opposite direction to sketch the old PWD Building- and got going until the birds perched on the tree decided that we were unwelcome intruders and not to be encouraged. Despite the bombing I persisted until I more or less completed my sketch. Left undisturbed I might have put in a few more details and worked a bit more carefully. But the urgency with which I have drawn this gives this sketch a different flavour. So perhaps the birds have actually done me a favour.

Great action Balaji. Tone and the proportions in the labour statue is superb. 

The shop scene is very much lively. Even though the last one is the best I love the shop scene!

Thank you Murali.

The shop scene/street activity is a new subject for me. I enjoyed doing it and now plan to do it more often.

Lovely sketches Balaji.. and great notes. re-living the moment! I love the Senate building.. I wish you did not run out of ink... The shop scene really came alive with those spontaneous strokes, so did the PWD building inspite of the bombardment.I too think the birds helped in the process.




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