The Sunday concert at the park drew a small group to this park at 7 a.m. BUT, it turned out that the kutcheri was only on the first Sunday of every month! Murali arrived before me and warned  me about this . Still, the calm atmosphere, greenery, children playing, elder citizens relaxing or walking afforded plenty of choice.The weather was bearable this early in the morning. Murali,Francis,Balaji,Alok, Kandha Swamy Rathina Shankar and self gathered around the "chessboard" area of the park.

Some of us interacted with the surprised members of the regular walkers- who found themselves being sketched.Many were very tolerant and agreed to pose for us.

I request members to post the photos taken and your sketches into this thread.

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The disappointment of not having a kutchery as our subject was very short lived for me. And judging by the enthusiasm with which our members threw themselves into portrait sketching of the kids and the Nageswara Rao Park regulars, I think none of them minded the change in theme.

Here are a few photographs that I clicked. I also turned out two quick line sketches, at this point in ink. I will post them once I have added some colour to them (my new craze).

Murali and Kandha with fans

Francis and Alok concentrating on different subjects

A very happy group

Nithya, always well prepared

Very impressed

Great clicks and haha, colour is quite a craze!

Here is the first of the two sketches that I did today. I did this as an ink line drawing on location and then added the watercolour washes at home.

Very nice..I can recognise some famous sketchers!

Thank you Nithya. 

Nice one. Like the green tinged background and love the fallen leaves

Thank you Kalpana.  There was such a variety of greenery in the background that I decided to just throw in a colour wash and be done with it. 

  Had planned to paint this morning.So sat in a good bench and found this couple, deep in thought and occasional conversation.Thought they will sit forever. But, sometime into the pic. they suddenly disappeared! So made up her face from memory. Water colour and pen.

My second one- did not want to do any more, as I was bitten a lot my mosquitos by now...but this father was quite still, while the son kept walking as he talked into his mobile. Carbon pencil.

Nithya....Are you sure you did not drive the couple away with your "close scrutiny"? Anyhow, the sketch is a very nice one and I am sure you can placate them with a copy.

Your second sketch captures so much and so well...the concentration of the son on his business call, the patient, relaxed air of the father, friends sitting and chatting, children playing in the distance, and the overall ambience of the park. Very nicely done!

Nice capturing of moods! I like the colour pallettein the first very much. I see how you've brought the same shades into the bands painted into the tree trunk and the path. Very nicely done.

Very colorful and refreshing morning.. great sketches!

I drew this on location with my gel pen, but found the time to add the colours only a week later.




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