On Sat 19th April, CWA members joined a group of "arty"people, having a good time at Lalith Kala Academy Chennai-

Senior Artist Ilango Sir lead a group of established artists in sketching live- this very active dancer group from Kerala- doing Thambattam!

Huge canvas on easel stands had been set up by some of the artists, the clearing space between buildings erupted with action. A group of young men and one very young boy soon kept the audience enthralled with rythmic beats-

"Dandanakkara dakkara dakkara.."... and executed some fine dance steps even while they drummed.

Many non professional artists also tried their hands at capturing the mood, movement and dancers.

It was awesome to see the masters at work.

My two pieces are here below- the carbon pencil one was done very rapidly.. the other one from the balcony facing this space..and later painted at home.

Request all CWA members to post their photos and sketches here as well- besides our face book page for wider sharing.Thank you

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  This view was from the balcony facing the open space- Got the dancers and the artists through a pen sketch and later coloured the same at home with water colour.

Nithya...Both your sketches are very nice. I know how difficult I found it to capture the movement and energy in the drummers' performance, You have captured this in both your sketches. And, in your colour sketch you have also managed to show the dual nature of the event, that is the artists creating their artwork inspired by the drummers' performance.

Well done. 

The loud and rhythmic beats and brisk dance moves set my heart pounding and my blood racing. But for me it was even more exciting to watch the different interpretations of the same event and scenes by various artists on their large canvases.

To some extent we have been seeing this week after week by our own members, but mostly with static subjects and drawn or painted to a smaller scale. I have always found that very stimulating and educative. But the interpretations and the way the professional and more experienced artists went about executing their vision on their canvases at this event was in a different league altogether. 

The organisers of this dance-cum-music-art event and our own members who interacted with these organisers to make this a sketching opportunity for CWA members deserve a very big hand.

I had come to the event to only watch and learn and with no intention of sketching, But once I was there and after seeing so many people sketching I too was tempted. Fortunately I had my pocket sketchbook on me and although I  was overwhelmed by the movement and the spectacle I managed a small static sketch with my gel pen, and then added the colours at home.

Lovely sketch. Yes the men are standing quite still, but the postures, their stance and the overall quality of the sketch (and your ever improving watercolours) is still marvelous!

Oh I'm envious of you guys, what an event that must've been! Both the drawings, and the accompanying text (from Nithya and Balaji) beautifully describe the ambiance - I wasn't there, but this brings me one step closer to that experience.

Fantastic sketches! Really love the first pencil one very much! THe postures and the "act" of drumming have really come out well. In the second one just love the way you have prtrayed the frenetic pace at which the artists are capturing everything. I can feel it!!!




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