CWA were at Nageswara Rao Park, Luz, Mylapore by 7 am today to sketch at the regular morning concert held at the park on the first Sunday of each month. This is an event sponsored by Sundaram Finance Ltd. and is officially known as the Sunday Kutcheri in the Park. It is a mike-less concert and it is held to encourage artistes who are less than 15 years old. Today's performance was vocal rendering by HG Poornima a Std IX student, accompanied by Karthik on the violin and Venkataraman on the mridangam.

Murali, Francis, Rajamaran, GS, Prabha, Nithya, Kalpana, Lakshmi, Sheela, Elango, Kandha Swamy, and Balaji attended the event. Alok, who had been travelling arrived from N. India and came directly to the park but got there only after the concert was over. 

The concert was over by 8 am but CWA members stayed on to sketch people, trees, activities and so on. The nice thing about this venue is the shade under the trees and the warmth of the regulars who are so very supportive of our activities.

These are photographs that I took with my phone camera. You can click on them to view them full size. Hopefully others will post better photographs into this thread along with their artwork.

Sunday Kutcheri in the Park


Francis, Kandha, Kalpana, Rajamaran, & Murali

GS and Nithya

Lakshmi, Kalpana, Kandha, Rajamaran, and Francis with others

Murali and Rajamaran

Murali, GS, and Nithya

Murali, Kandha Swamy, Francis, GS and others

Portrait by Murali

Prabha and Kandha Swamy

Prabha's skills, keenly observed

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Lovely sketches. So much happening in  the first one! I like letting my eyes wander and I keep spotting new things of interest. 

The first one is very nice. You have captured the scene well .

Yes, the coffee was good !

The lady has a pleasant smile !

Good sketches Nithi. I like the first one immensely. There are so many areas of interest within that drawing and yet it does not look cluttered or overworked. Your control over scale and perspective in this one is very good. And of course, I love the spider.

Lovely write up and pictures! Great that mylapore times covered the event! That's a nice write up too. 

I managed to do a few sketches. The first two are of the old Telugu lady. The third one is of an artist who was busy sketching away ! :)

Lovely ones Prabha.

Your lines now come out easily... the proportions in the third one are good.

I dont see the sketches with the architect's knowledge of perspectives etc...just ifi ts easy on the eye.... more by instinct. I think your scale and depth have improved enormously. Just let yourself go! Yay!!!!!

Lovely Prabha, I like the last one in particular. Great capture of Murali sketching the sleeping fellow :) and I particularly like the depth you have created.

Prabha, my earlier comment was about the two b/w sketches. My internet connection failed before I could comment on this one. I had wanted to ask whether this was Murali, but that has now been answered.  The sketch is very nice on many levels - the story it tells, scale, perspective, composition of the main elements, clarity, and the lovely capture of the two poses.

Personally, if this had been my sketch I would have cropped it square, starting from the top, and cropping off some of the foreground.

Nice sketches with good proportions. You have captured the pose very nicely. 




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