It was a unique meeting for sure. Green every where with wonderful background music from birds - IIT,Chennai. Thanks for Giridhar for inviting us. We met at Durga Peeliamman temple and went around IIT to know the place around. Finally we settled at the temple itself. 

Alok is the new member joined us for the day. It was interesting to know the temple status before 15 to 20 years from Nithya and Kalpana. Prabha and Ashok choose a nice place for sketching where there was a old woden bero and chair with great light (as if studio light). Ganapathy presented a brief session about composition with his wonderful sketch of the temple with tree. Kalpana's pen and wash was a treat to eyes. Upasana tried few perspectives and happy. I tried the temple dome and few quick gestures. 

The place to be explored again. It is mandatory to go there with some IITian's company.

Dear friends, Share you related art works and photos in this thread.


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Very nice sketches Prabha. I agree with Kalpana on your choice of leaving the mirror area pretty much white. That is the one which draws the attention immediately. the tree has been modeled well!

The color sketch is a good attempt, Nice texture on the tree trunk!

one create tonal variation in a color sketches(for the shadows/darks and lights) you may have to use a different darker color. that will help create more 3d defintion. (eg.. in the tree trunk, you can use a dark blue/purple to define shadows) just a suggestion. 

Nice work Prabha! I like both sketches, perhaps the b/w a bit more than the colour.

In both I like the way you have done the ground, and of course the other things such as the bright mirror in the cupboard and the texture of the tree trunk that Kalpana and GS have mentioned. In addition, I also like the way you have darkened the inside of the cupboard to show that the shutter is half open, and also the way you have depicted the play of light on the top of the cupboard.

 Thank you all so much :) Shall keep in mind the points mentioned, to improve my work . 

These were the two sketches done at the temple. Prabha was sketching the wooden bureau,and I got her back.

Beautiful sketches Nithya, You have captured the variety in leaves so well! Must have been  very fulfilling! 

The other sketch has got so many interesting elements all put together fluidly! 

Thank you GS. I also did two more sketches on two succesive evenings- its on my page- 

didnt put them here as it was not done on our combined group outings.

What lovely photos Murali. You have captured the natural charm of the place

so well. 




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