CWA's first of its kind meeting today!

We are all privileged to listen, interact and see a demo from the great contemporary artist Trotsky Marudu.

We had a review of last 5 weeks of events and drawings. Went through 270 images including art works and event photos for 16 events in 5 weeks!

Enjoyed listening to Marudu's talk about the evolution of art and the digital medium. He shared the trigger point during his college to think and see differently and experiment the presentation of ideas. Shared his experience of understanding and learning stop motion animation which was very interesting. The way in which various mediums converge now-a-days was explained very well. It was amazing to see the horse he drew in the Cintiq display coming alive. We were inspired very much for sure today.. 

We shared all our sketch books and happy to see each others. Lots of new sketches and books..
We could not screen short movies due to audio issues. We will do next time for sure.

We had a discussion at the end.
Congratulated all the new coordinators Rathina Shankar, Rijesh, Alok, Kalpana, Nithya and Revathy!
Encouraged more new coordinators to create events. Any one can create drawing events and take the responsibility of making a simple album at the end (or delegate to some one else). (Alok will share a document explaining how to do it shortly).
We encourage all to share the drawings made on your personal trip also with an Album. This is all about CWA2.0!

Balaji has brought out a very good point about meaningful and constructive critiques for our drawings. 

We spoke about wall paintings that we are planing to do. We have two walls ready. One at Regional Rail Museum, ICF and another at near Mylapore Temple. Nagi has volunteered for a design and plan for Rail museum. Vinod will help us meeting concerned persons and execute the painting. GS has some ideas of mylapore wall. We shall proceed with that soon.

We also discussed about fund raising to meet the expenses of meetings (for Projector, tea/coffee, etc). Balaji suggested the idea of minimum amount for contribution and interested people can contribute. We agreed on the typical contributing amount of rs 100 and a minimum of rs 50. We will maintain a transparent account file for the same.

Thanks to Shiva for sharing Cintiq for the demo.
Big Thanks to Sadanand Menon for giving us the space at Spaces! 

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Murali...First and foremost I wish to congratulate you on the success of your effort to empower more members within our group to organise events and thereby make these events more accessible to a larger number of our members. The result is seen in the number of events we have had over 4 to five weeks (16 vs 4 or 5) and the number of locations covered, sketches made, and the number of active participants. You deserve a very big hand for envisioning this. 

Our grand meeting was a grand success. I very much liked your idea of sharing on screen all the sketches made by the members at these events. It is a pity that the audio problem prevented the screening of the art film. But for that small glitch the programme went very well. I enjoyed going through the works of other members in a leisurely manner and interacting with them on specific sketches.

As you have mentioned our chief guest's talk was very illuminating and inspiring and I was very touched to see the amount of time that he spent in going through the sketch books on display and also interacting with many of the members. Also his demo (and Rajamaran's) on the Wacom Cintiq was an eyeopener to me both on the amount of artistic skill needed to use this technology as well as the potential of the technology to help the talented artist.

Thank you Balaji. We will do more and more..

You have made a nice summary. 

Sounds fantastic! Sorry I had to miss at the last minute :(




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