am interested in drawing with ink pen and dropping watercolor on it, but my ink pen is not waterproof, I can use gel pen instead but I like the flow of ink.. so searching ink pen which is waterproof here in Bangalore.. 

anyone know it ? or have same interest ??



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Camlin has a waterproof drawing ink. It should be available at any art store. Happy inking.

I have heard somewhere that camel waterproof ink is not best for fountain pen since its getting dry easily.. have u tried it ever in pen ? Is it right ?

It does dry a bit fast - I use it with a brush for the same reason
You can try the same - its more fun than using a pen :)

Please do not use Camlin's Waterproof India Ink in fountain pens. the shellac in the ink will absolutely ruin your fountain pen. The best pen to use with India ink is a dip pen or a mapping pen. Ask your stationer for a croquill nib or any other dip pen. (They look a lot like calligraphy nibs but aren't flat or blunt.)

Other alternatives in my tool kit are, Sakura brush pens which are also waterproof, pigment liners etc.

Thanks Aditya / George !


dip pen or a mapping pen is good idea. will try it .. 


there are two fairly ok solutions. The first one is to buy the "Sakura Pigma Micron Black" pen. I know I can get it in several shops in Delhi. It comes in several thicknesses, and has archival quality waterproof ink. It costs about Rs 40 each. Of course you can only use it untill the ink runs out. Also it behaves like a rotring pen so you can expect only clean thin lines.

The second solution is to use any fountain pen that you like. There are some chinese ones floating around for arund Rs 400 that have pretty flexy nibs. Do not use conventional indian ink. It will kill the pen. Instead use "Noodler's" ink. It is made of some sort of a fish. I get it through my daughter who is in the USA. It costs roughly Rs 500 a bottle. It becomes waterproof on encountering the fibre in paper.

You can google both items for details


Thanks Ganesh !!

I thought no waterproof ink suited for fountain pen,

but now I would like to try Noodler's ink, I badly in love with ink pen :) !!

-- Dharmesh

Glad to be of help Dharmesh.

Go through their website. Noodler's comes in different shades of black, not to mention colours.

I have even bought Noodlers Ink from but they charged me Rs 800 or so.

The bottle is fairly large - about 90 ml.  You will have to be careful though. Only the part of the ink that really merges into the paper fibre becomes waterproof. If you lay your ink thick, some part of it can form a layer over the base layer, and sometimes smudges.



Actually this is not about ink pen it's drawing pen named  Skura pigma micron is the best and cheap than other imported pens, you can order from

they are available in various width tips.

Hi All thanks for your comments and valuable suggestions !

I have tried couple of things this is what I concluded -

- mean while tried one more waterproof gel pen( bit costrly, ~35rs ) - Raynolds Trimax flow is good compared to other gel and working awesome for me

- dip pen with camelin waterproof ink enjoyed but you have to carry water with you( dip pen needs to clean immediately after using with camelin waterproof ink ), since I like to sketch during travelling, it didnt feel comfortable for me

- As Anwar has mentioned, Skura is also worked well for me, it will take some time to adjust with it, depending on how much pressure you put it will give different width of lines

- one of my friend is coming from US, Now planing to try Noodler with Lamy Safari EF nib, I will post update.



Yesterday I received my two Noodlers bullet proof ink bottles, but this ink is not totally water proof for every paper, it behaves differently with different papers, please try to explore the information about the ink before go to order.

You can get waterproof ink pen in varions online store like amazon,flipcart, etc. These pens are very good and quality. I bought them few weeks back to draw rangoli designs in my charts as a project given by my company.




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