Dear Jammers, Season's Greeting! 


As a tradition from last year, lets commit to our New Year's Resolution for 2014 :)

We all say " I'll do it tomorrow" or " I'll try it later" and the day never comes. Since there is always a tomorrow! So most of us do hope for that "Day" to start suddenly, where you will never stop drawing or doing that one thing you want to habituate yourself to.

So maybe we will act better on our actions when we verbalize it to someone other than that closest friend! Lets use this post to submit our resolutions and motivate each other to keep at it! 

Go ahead if you don’t already have one, make one depending on what you really want to explore learning this year.

Remember, one step at a time. Don’t overcrowd your plate!


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1.need to do one small sketch(maintaining sketchbook)

2.just moved to A3 watercolor..need to practice in A2 size

3.need to learn live watercolor paintings

4.most important to be regular for jams and sketchbook saturdays

5.try to do illustration sketches which having more creativity

Well cant wait to see more works from you Parani! And all the jams :) 

would like to cover different cities through sketches...first dream destination - city of joy - Calcutta!!

Great. All the best Rijesh! 

[Let me know when you go. Check this]

sure will do....and those photos are amazing Murali!!!

Phew! Brilliant images Murali! 

this is a really nice idea!

That will be great, and makes for a great travel plan :) Good luck cant wait to see your documentation! 

Time is going to be at a premium this year! So, my resolution is to use the time available for drawing to best effect. 

The second is to draw with black ink or draw with brushes (watercolour) directly. Something like this:

Anil...You have made a good start already.

Thanks a lot Balaji!

Great start! All the best Anil ji!




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