Dear Jammers, Season's Greeting! 


As a tradition from last year, lets commit to our New Year's Resolution for 2014 :)

We all say " I'll do it tomorrow" or " I'll try it later" and the day never comes. Since there is always a tomorrow! So most of us do hope for that "Day" to start suddenly, where you will never stop drawing or doing that one thing you want to habituate yourself to.

So maybe we will act better on our actions when we verbalize it to someone other than that closest friend! Lets use this post to submit our resolutions and motivate each other to keep at it! 

Go ahead if you don’t already have one, make one depending on what you really want to explore learning this year.

Remember, one step at a time. Don’t overcrowd your plate!


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Good luck Suma..expecting some stunning sketches as usual!!!

Second Rijesh on this. Good luck Suma, looking forward to your works :D

Thanks Rijesh and Smith for keeping up the spirit of the New year. Hope to share a lot more sketches this year!

Only one resolution. DRAW! 

my resolutions
1) to draw atleast 2-3 sketches per week
2) to try big size drawings..(currently stuck on A4)
3) to practice persistence and pursue excellence.

I am using lots of photo reference.


1. Start painting from Life (Plein Air Lanscapes)

2. Start using Oil pastels and Graphite (I have never tried in my life).

3. Start arranging my still life setup.

4. Carry my sketchbook wherever I go...

5. And I love Ganapathy Subramaniam (GS)'s 5th resolution.

A bit late, but here are my New year resolutions:

- Improve my Portrait skills by drawing more (Atleast 2 per week)

- Do more humor filled cartoons and illustrations

- Start attending Sunday Jams (haven't attended even one :( )

- Mingle with each one of you and take your insights on Art (As i am not from an art school and more of a self-taught person, your inputs will help)

- Do a course/workshop on drawing (have my eyes on 100 day workshop.. something on weekends would be awesome)

Happy 2014 everyone :)




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