Dear Jammers, Season's Greeting! 


As a tradition from last year, lets commit to our New Year's Resolution for 2014 :)

We all say " I'll do it tomorrow" or " I'll try it later" and the day never comes. Since there is always a tomorrow! So most of us do hope for that "Day" to start suddenly, where you will never stop drawing or doing that one thing you want to habituate yourself to.

So maybe we will act better on our actions when we verbalize it to someone other than that closest friend! Lets use this post to submit our resolutions and motivate each other to keep at it! 

Go ahead if you don’t already have one, make one depending on what you really want to explore learning this year.

Remember, one step at a time. Don’t overcrowd your plate!


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Resolutions for 2014 -

1. Paint at least two Full Imperial sized Water-colour detailed work per month; i.e 100 big ones in 2014 

2. Draw at least two Large Graphite work per month; i.e 100 big ones in 2014 

3. Author a book on Drawing (Actually, its already started... hope to finish it in 2014)

4. Be more regular at Sunday Jams, and 

5. DO MORE, MORE and MORE Art related stuff, as much as possible!!!

Happy New Year Fellas!!!

Wonderful! Wish you the Best!

Wow Soman! and I'm pretty sure you will actually do all of the above :) 

I cant wait to seee the delicious graphite's per month !!! 

2014 for me - 

Eat, drink and sleep Art :-)!

More of portraits and figure drawings. 

Lot of on-spot sketches on CWA Sundays and other travels... 

No end to the wish anyway.. 

Happy 2014 dear all!

Good ones! Wish you the best!

Ha ha You said it right Murali , Eat drink & Sleep art :D I love you sculpture studies, cant wait to see more!! 

My resolution is simple. Draw as much from life as possible.

Yup, Nothing can beat this. Live drawing is most important.

(1) Complete the book for which I am illustrating.

(2) Do Watercolor Painting regularly

(3) Draw the Figure regularly, Daily if possible

(4) Sketch/Paint on Location during the weekends.

(5) Don't really take the above seriously.


Superb. All the best GS! 

Love your 5th point :-)

Ha ha ! I did a re read of your 5th point :P  Waiting to see the book your illustrating for once its done please do share :) 




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