Dear Jammers, Wishing you all the best of 2013!


Lets share our drawing resolutions for this year, I'm sure each one has made his/her silent resolution in their minds :D To stick to our resolutions and to motivate others to have one, lets share them in this thread!

Go ahead if you don’t already have one, make one depending on what you really want to explore learning this year. Remember, one step at a time. Don’t overcrowd your plate!


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I wish to practise watercolour painting.

Yes i have taken a resolution of drawing wc /sketches each day...let see how far can i go:)

My Wish is to learn to paint. Resolution is to work on it daily.

I wish to do some really large works in detailed realism.

My resolution is to get better at portraiture and drapery with pencils and resist my laziness and do more wartercolours.

A sketch a week and more people in the sketches!

I will try to do as many as portraits in pencil and charcoal. Portraits and portraits this year... I hope I will get hands on my shading technique..

I want to do many plein air paintings...

I want to come regularly to WDC & do at least one sketch/painting a day! :)

need to start watercolor a day again, realism pencil portraits, WDC sessions attending and another important resolution is to keep all resolutions(including this) to alive....!   ;)

This year, I wish to focus on figure drawing, people, expressions...  At least one drawing per day!

Also drawing historic sculptures... Sounds greedy... but what to do.. :-)

at least a sketch a day Irrespective of any particular medium. and yes, i mentioned sketch and not painting as i want to do lots of sketches and few paintings :)!




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